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  1. Dang. You're pretty good at this remixing thing. Everything sounds decent as is. Not sure what to suggest.. I'd seriously like to see some crazy soloing. Maybe, if they fit together, you could have a section towards the end of the final version where various instruments would each play a separate part of the tune all at once. Or you could cut the bass for an eight-count or two. Or both. Maybe you've already done so and I haven't noticed. I don't really remember the original arrangement so it's possible. Where this current WIP ended, I seriously was expecting things to pick up again at the top of the next measure. You should think about doing something like that: cut everything out, rest for a beat or so, come back with something like measure 5 on a new measure. Finish this.
  2. I might have a couple of things. I'll upload them when i get back from work tonight (11pmEST~) Ehm Myf ?? plz don't forget me Myf ?? Never guessed I had to pull out the (in)famous quoting technique. Ehmm.. ...or you could just PM the guy.
  3. sephfire, you're looking for random phrases? Those quotes you refer to are typically mined out of old movies (or radio programs), usually obscure ones. They are very easy to sample most of the time because often there is no background noise during scenes. If I were you, I'd just pop in a DVD of Roman Holiday or something and start thinking about what lines you might be able to use while you watch; you're best off sampling this sort of thing yourself imo. DZComposer: Likewise, for crowd noise sounds, I'm sure you could find some crowd noises to sample on almost any recording of any live show of any musical group.
  4. I wonder how many people here actually HAVE Electroplankton.. I do, but I can't imagine a whole lot of people have it. I've got to say though, it is an interesting idea. There's plenty of decent samples within the game that could probably be used. Sampling them would be kind of a pain though. I might look into that. Heh, I suppose you could call just about anything an Electroplankton remix. Barring audience mode (which is kind of a stretch), it doesn't have any actual compositions or bgm, since all of the music is caused by player actions.
  5. Oh hey, almost forgot about this project.. I'm still around, Walan. I'm also still up for working on this. Looks like somebody else took Iceland, which is probably a good thing considering how my work was going with it back in the day; however, I think sometime soon - my guess is two weeks - I'm going to look at the open tracks and see if I like one.
  6. It's nice to hear somebody else is working on Iceland, Rexy. I haven't had a lot of time to do remixing (this is the first I've been on OCR or any related site in almost a month) and this mix hasn't been a big priority to me because I don't even think I've transposed this track right. I will email the MIDI I created in the process of transposing this track to anyone who is interested in checking the accuracy of my work thus far; I could also use some hosting, please.
  7. Well, there's only one week left for the first WIPs.. I haven't played around with Team Iceland much at all as of late; I've been hoping somebody would give me some feedback on/assistance transposing the rest of the MIDI I created before continuing. Honestly, I've been having a lot of trouble with some of the squarewave runs and I just gave up after a while. I'm guessing that's not going to happen, so I'll have to play around with the stuff I've already transposed and make up an intro to submit as my first WIP.
  8. I still find the song unlistenable. I don't think I've ever made it through, start to finish. And you know I'm not gonna hold back the crap I say. Yay for no censors.. Opinionated, or just tactless? You decide. Though I would like to hear another version that's a little easier on the ears. While weird, dissonant (way more than the original), and widely unaccessible, it was definitely groovy.
  9. 'deed it does. And I know it.
  10. Okay, exporting is finished. if somebody could check this out and let me know how the transposition is coming along, I'd appreciate it (drums are omitted and the tempo is off; the real song is ~130 bpm). The first track (Square 1 of the NSF) could use the most help, especially from measures 17-33(?). Copy the contents of this code box, paste it into wordpad and save it as ICELAND.MID. If that doesn't work, I'll email the MIDI to somebody who has real hosting. [size=7]MThd ÀMTrk û ÿiceland midi-wip ÿ Generated by NoteWorthy Composer ÿQ¡ ° ° @ ° ° @ ° ° @ ÿX ÿX ÿX ÿX ?Sn ?Cn ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n@?S ?C ?( ?Qn ?@n ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n?Q ?@ ?Sn ?En.?S ?Tn?( ?4n^?T ?4 ?Sn ?(n^?( ?4n.?S ?Tn.?4 ?(n^?T ?( ?Sn ?4n.?S ?Tn.?T ?4 ?Sn ?(n.?S ?Tn.?T ?( ?Sn ?4n.?S ?E ?Tn.?T ?4 ?Sn ?Cn ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n@?S ?C ?( ?Qn ?@n ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n0?Q ?@ .?4 ?En ?(n?Sn?S ?Tn.?( ?4nF?T ?Sn?4 ?(n^?( ?4n?S ?TnF?4 ?(nF?T ?Sn?( ?4n?S ?Tn.?T ?Sn?4 ?(n?S ?Tn.?T ?Sn?( ?4n?S ?Tn?E .?T ?4 ?Hn ?>n ?%n.?H ?Ln.?L ?% ?Jn ?1n.?J ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Ln ?%n.?L ?Pn.?P ?% ?Nn ?1n.?N ?> ?Rn.?R ?1 ?Pn ?:n ?%n.?P ?Tn.?T ?% ?Rn ?1n.?R ?Vn.?V ?1 ?Tn ?%n.?T ?Rn.?R ?% ?Pn ?1n.?P ?: ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Hn ?<n ?%n.?H ?Ln.?L ?% ?Jn ?1n.?J ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Ln ?%n.?L ?Pn.?P ?% ?Nn ?1n.?N ?< ?Rn.?R ?1 ?Pn ?%n?8n?P ?Tn.?T ?% ?Rn ?1n.?R ?Vn.?V ?1 ?Tn ?%n.?T ?Rn.?R ?% ?Pn ?1n.?P ?Nn?8 ?N ?1 ?Hn ?:n?%n?H ?Ln.?L ?Jn?% ?1n?J ?Nn.?N ?Ln?1 ?%n?L ?Pn.?P ?Nn?% ?1n?N ?: ?Rn.?R ?Pn?1 ?6n ?%n?P ?Tn.?T ?Rn?% ?1n?R ?Vn.?V ?Tn?1 ?%n?T ?Rn.?R ?Pn?% ?1n?P ?Nn?6 ?N ?Hn ?8n?1 ?%n?H ?Ln.?L ?Jn?% ?1n?J ?Nn.?N ?Ln?1 ?%n?L ?Pn.?P ?Nn?% ?1n?N ?8 ?Rn.?R ?Pn ?<n?1 ?%n?P ?Tn.?T ?Rn?% ?1n?R ?Vn.?V ?Tn?1 ?%n?T ?Rn.?R ?Pn?% ?1n?P ?< ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Hn ?%n?>n?H ?Ln.?L ?% ?Jn ?1n.?J ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Ln ?%n.?L ?Pn.?P ?% ?Nn ?1n.?N ?Rn?> ?R ?1 ?Pn ?:n ?%n.?P ?Tn.?T ?% ?Rn ?1n.?R ?Vn.?V ?1 ?Tn ?%n.?T ?Rn.?R ?% ?Pn ?1n.?P ?: ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Hn ?%n?<n?H ?Ln.?L ?% ?Jn ?1n.?J ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Ln ?%n.?L ?Pn.?P ?% ?Nn ?1n.?N ?Rn?< ?R ?1 ?Pn ?8n ?%n.?P ?Tn.?T ?% ?Rn ?1n.?R ?Vn.?V ?1 ?Tn ?%n.?T ?Rn.?R ?% ?Pn ?1n.?P ?8 ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Hn ?%n?:n?H ?Ln.?L ?% ?Jn ?1n.?J ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Ln ?%n.?L ?Pn.?P ?% ?Nn ?1n.?N ?Rn?: ?R ?1 ?Pn ?%n?6n?P ?Tn.?T ?% ?Rn ?1n.?R ?Vn.?V ?1 ?Tn ?%n.?T ?Rn.?R ?% ?Pn ?1n.?P ?Nn?6 ?N ?1 ?Hn ?8n ?%n.?H ?Ln.?L ?% ?Jn ?1n.?J ?Nn.?N ?1 ?Ln ?%n.?L ?Pn.?P ?% ?Nn ?1n.?N ?8 ?Rn.?R ?1 ?Pn ?%n?<n?P ?Tn.?T ?% ?Rn ?1n.?R ?Vn.?V ?1 ?Tn ?%n.?T ?Rn.?R ?% ?Pn ?1n.?P ?Nn?< ?N ?1 ?Sn ?Cn ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n@?S ?C ?( ?Qn ?@n ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n?Q ?@ ?Sn ?En.?S ?Tn?( ?4n^?T ?4 ?Sn ?(n^?( ?4n.?S ?Tn.?4 ?(n^?T ?( ?Sn ?4n.?S ?Tn.?T ?4 ?Sn ?(n.?S ?Tn.?T ?( ?Sn ?4n.?S ?E ?Tn.?T ?4 ?Sn ?Cn ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n@?S ?C ?( ?Qn ?@n ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n^?( ?4n0?Q .?4 ?(n?@ ?Sn ?En?S ?Tn.?( ?4nF?T ?Sn?4 ?(n^?( ?4n?S ?TnF?4 ?(nF?T ?Sn?( ?4n?S ?Tn.?T ?Sn?4 ?(n?S ?Tn.?T ?Sn?( ?4n?S ?Tn?E .?T ?4 ?.n ?An ?*n.?. ?/n.?/ ?A ?* ?0n ?An ?*n.?0 ?1n.?A ?* ?An ?*n.?1 ?2n.?A ?* ?An ?*n.?2 ?A ?3n ?An.?3 ?* ?4n ?*n?A ?An?4 ?5n?A ?An?5 ?* ?6n ?*n?A ?AnF?6 ?A ?* ?7n ?*n.?7 ?8n.?* ?*n^?8 ?* ?9n ?An ?*n.?9 ?5n.?5 ?A ?* ?6n ?An ?*n.?6 ?7n.?A ?* ?An ?*n.?7 ?8n?A ?An?* ?*n.?8 ?A ?9n ?An.?9 ?A ?* ?:n ?An ?*n.?: ?;n?A ?An?; ?* ?<n ?*n?A ?AnF?< ?A ?* ?=n ?*n.?= ?>n ?Cn.?C ?* ?Bn ?*n.?B ?An.?> ?A ?* ?@n ?(n^?@ ?( ?@n ?4n^?@ ?4 ?@n ?(nF?@ ?@n?( ?4n.?@ ?@n.?@ ?4 ?@n ?(nF?@ ?@n?( ?4n?@ ?@nF?@ ?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?(n?@nF?( ?4n?@ ?@nF?4 ?(n?@ ?@nF?( ?4n?@ ?@n.?@ ?@n?4 ?(n.?@ ?@n.?@ ?( ?@n ?4n.?@ ?@n.?4 ?(n^?( ?4nF?@ ?An?4 ?.n ?*n.?. ?/n?A ?An?/ ?* ?0n ?*n.?0 ?1n?A ?An?* ?*n.?1 ?A ?2n ?An.?* ?*n?A ?An?2 ?3n?A ?An?3 ?* ?4n ?*n.?4 ?A ?5n ?An.?5 ?A ?* ?6n ?An ?*n^?6 ?A ?* ?7n ?*n.?7 ?8n.?* ?*n0?An.?8 ?* ?9n ?*n.?9 ?A ?5n ?An.?5 ?* ?6n ?*n.?6 ?A ?7n ?An.?* ?*n.?7 ?A ?8n ?An.?* ?*n?A ?An?8 ?9n?A ?An?9 ?* ?:n ?*n?A ?An?: ?;n.?; ?A ?* ?<n ?An ?*n^?< ?A ?* ?=n ?Cn ?*n.?= ?C ?>n ?Bn.?B ?* ?An ?*n.?A ?@n.?> ?* ?(n.?@ ?@n.?( ?4n.?@ ?@n.?4 ?(n.?@ ?@n.?@ ?( ?@n ?4nF?@ ?@n?4 ?(n?@ ?@n.?@ ?@n?( ?4n^?@ ?4 ?(n^?( ?4n0?@n.?4 ?(n.?@ ?@n.?( ?4n.?@ ?@n.?4 ?(n?@ ?@nF?@ ?( ?@n ?4n.?@ ?@n.?4 ?(n?@ ?@n.?@ ?@n?( ?4n^?@ ?4 ?(n^?( ?4n^?4 ?.n ?Bn ?,n.?. ?/n.?/ ?B ?, ?0n ?Bn ?,n.?0 ?1n.?B ?, ?Bn ?,n.?1 ?2n.?B ?, ?Bn ?,n.?2 ?B ?3n ?Bn.?3 ?, ?4n ?,n?B ?Bn?4 ?5n?B ?Bn?5 ?, ?6n ?,n?B ?BnF?6 ?B ?, ?7n ?,n.?7 ?8n.?, ?,n^?8 ?, ?9n ?Bn ?,n.?9 ?5n.?5 ?B ?, ?6n ?Bn ?,n.?6 ?7n.?B ?, ?Bn ?,n.?7 ?8n?B ?Bn?, ?,n.?8 ?B ?9n ?Bn.?9 ?B ?, ?:n ?Bn ?,n.?: ?;n?B ?Bn?; ?, ?<n ?,n?B ?BnF?< ?B ?, ?=n ?,n.?= ?>n ?Dn.?D ?, ?Cn ?,n.?C ?Bn.?> ?B ?, ?An ?*n^?A ?* ?An ?6n^?A ?6 ?An ?*nF?A ?An?* ?6n.?A ?An.?A ?6 ?An ?*nF?A ?An?* ?6n?A ?AnF?A ?6 ?*n^?* ?6nH?An?6 ?*nF?A ?An?* ?6nF?A ?An?6 ?*nF?A ?An?* ?6n?A ?AnF?A ?6 ?An ?*n.?A ?An.?A ?* ?An ?6n^?A ?6 ?*n^?* ?6nH?Bn?6 ?.n ?,n.?. ?/n?B ?Bn?/ ?, ?0n ?,n.?0 ?1n?B ?Bn?, ?,n.?1 ?B ?2n ?Bn.?, ?,n?B ?Bn?2 ?3n?B ?Bn?3 ?, ?4n ?,n.?4 ?B ?5n ?Bn.?5 ?B ?, ?6n ?Bn ?,n^?6 ?B ?, ?7n ?,n.?7 ?8n.?, ?,n0?Bn.?8 ?, ?9n ?,n.?9 ?B ?5n ?Bn.?5 ?, ?6n ?,n.?6 ?B ?7n ?Bn.?, ?,n.?7 ?B ?8n ?Bn.?, ?,n?B ?Bn?8 ?9n?B ?Bn?9 ?, ?:n ?,n?B ?Bn?: ?;n.?; ?B ?, ?<n ?Bn ?,n^?< ?B ?, ?=n ?Dn ?,n.?= ?D ?>n ?Cn.?C ?, ?Bn ?,n.?B ?An.?> ?, ?*n.?A ?An.?* ?6n.?A ?An.?6 ?*n.?A ?An.?A ?* ?An ?6nF?A ?An?6 ?*n?A ?An.?A ?An?* ?6n^?A ?6 ?*n^?* ?6n0?An.?6 ?*n.?A ?An.?* ?6n.?A ?An.?6 ?*n?A ?AnF?A ?* ?An ?6n.?A ?An.?6 ?*n?A ?An.?A ?An?* ?6n^?A ?6 ?*n^?* ?6n^?6 ?En ?En ?(n.?E ?En.?E ?E ?In ?In.?I ?In?( ?I ?I ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?Kn ?Kn ?-n.?K ?Kn.?K ?K ?On ?On.?O ?On?- ?O ?O ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?En ?En ?(n.?E ?En.?E ?E ?In ?In.?I ?In?( ?I ?I ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?Kn ?Kn ?-n.?K ?Kn.?K ?K ?On ?On.?O ?On?- ?O ?O ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?En ?En ?(n.?E ?En.?E ?E ?In ?In.?I ?In?( ?I ?I ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?Kn ?Kn ?-n.?K ?Kn.?K ?K ?On ?On.?O ?On?- ?O ?O ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Gn ?Gn ?*n.?G ?Gn.?G ?G ?Kn ?Kn.?K ?Kn?* ?K ?K ?In ?In ?+n.?I ?In.?I ?I ?Mn ?Mn.?M ?Mn?+ ?M ?M ?Ln ?Ln ?/n.?L ?Ln.?L ?L ?Pn ?Pn.?P ?Pn?/ ?P ?P ?Jn ?Jn ?-n.?J ?Jn.?J ?J ?Nn ?Nn.?N ?Nn?- ?N ?N ?Hn ?Hn ?+n.?H ?Hn.?H ?H ?Ln ?Ln.?L ?Ln?+ ?L ?L ?Fn ?Fn ?*n.?F ?Fn.?F ?F ?Jn ?Jn.?J ?Jn?* ?J ?J ?Jn ?Jn ?.n.?J ?Jn.?J ?J ?Nn ?Nn.?N ?Nn?. ?N ?N ?Hn ?Hn ?,n.?H ?Hn.?H ?H ?Ln ?Ln.?L ?Ln?, ?L ?L ?Fn ?Fn ?+n.?F ?Fn.?F ?F ?Jn ?Jn.?J ?Jn?+ ?J ?J ?Dn ?Dn ?)n.?D ?Dn.?D ?D ?Hn ?Hn.?H ?Hn?) ?H ?H ÿ/ [/size]
  11. Using MIDIs is like giving up. iM NOT GONNA GIVE UP!! ITS RELLAY HARD BUTY I CAN DO IT!!! I'll throw together a MIDI of what I have transposed myself so far just so people can take a listen and check the quality of my work. I'm probably only going to paste the code for the file here because I'm too lazy to find hosting and upload it for real. Um.. yeah.
  12. Progress update: I finally started work on my Team Iceland mix! I have some ideas kicking around in my head as far as intro/instrumentation/cameos/etc goes, but I'm still transposing the source tune, as there is currently no MIDI available for this particular track. It's pretty tough work; I have never been forced to transpose a song on my own before. I have the a REX of the drumloop from the source in place, I have the triangle/bass channel finished to my knowledge, there's a bit more work to be done on the square two channel, and the square one channel, well... this could take a while =P I'll export and post a beta MIDI up here someday if I get a chance.
  13. Thanks! Now I can actually start something.. Yeah, thanks for posting that nsf. Sometimes I keep saying I'm going to do something, and then never get it done (why else didn't you think BEERseven never got finished?). Thanks again. WALAN EARNS 2000 POINT BONUS AND THE CONTINUE FOR TO BRING UP BEER!! Whatever happened to those contests anyway? And hey, don't worry about it.. I never get things done sometimes too. Also, I'm interested in hearing the answer to PNB's question.. it shouldn't affect me that much, as ambient just seems like it would fit well for a place that's supposed to be cold. At any rate, I have no idea what real Icelandic music sounds like, so my mix would probably just end up being mashed with vocals from some Bjork song. Not that that's a bad idea, mind you.
  14. Thanks! Now I can actually start something..
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