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  1. I'm sitting here at 4:04 in the morning thinking, "Ya know, OC Remix has got an idea of what music really is," while doing my daily/nightly browsing. The concept that "video game music is not just background" as the mission states. I have always agreed to that. I have been listening to, collecting and enjoying VG music since I can remember. I've endured the arguments about how Video game music is just "stupid, repetative, annoying, NOT MUSIC (grr), and NOT NECESSARY for a game" and come out on top in most cases (depending on how stubborn the person was). I've always felt that Video gam
  2. Fantastic mix, the Forest Temple theme is actually my favorite track in OOT. I listened to this mix before reading the review too as the other dude stated. I am highly impressed by how well the Japanese vocals are...I couldnt believe it at first that it was song by someone who's really way into Japanese culture and not actually Japanese. You kick ass I still got goosebumps.
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