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  1. I guess I'm going against the grain here. I am in love with all of the music from 7th Guest and 11th Hour, and perhaps it's just that love for it that I still hold so close that makes me automatically dislike all of the remixes I've heard for it. This odd time signature really effects the song, and not in a good way. It also effected the delay of the introduction to sound choppy and strange. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  2. Excellent, excellent work. I downloaded this song, listened to it once, and just kinda forgot about it.. but it still remained in my playlist. Randomly late last night, it came on again I totally loved it. I listened to the song on loop for, no joke, about an hour straight. It just totally hit me. Great song. I never played the full version of OMF. I did, however, get quite addicted to the shareware version, oh-so many years ago. I don't think I recognized the song at first listen, but last night I totally got taken back to the game. Excellent, excellent work.
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