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  1. You remember the ones that are unexpected/outrageous. I think it's on SF2midi. Look for a soundfont called "O"
  2. I'm not sure of any other vocal libraries that exist for that sort of thing. You could try Vocal Planet.. Some pretty decent choirs in soundfont format were just uploaded to sf2midi.com. For the most part they're high-quality albeit generic choir samples, though there are multiple vowel sounds and some pretty neat choir effects. If you have a fast connection it might not hurt to see if you can use them somehow. Filesizes range from 5MB to 30MB. There's also some Kurzweil Vocals on the site. I haven't checked these out personally though.
  3. I think Kontakt'll take 'em too.
  4. I've heard this sound on multiple soundtracks, tons of CDs, and yet every search for a sound as 'pipe' or 'anvil' doesn't even come close. It's a metallic hit, used extensively in the music for Armageddon. It's pretty clear in this clip, too. (about 0:11) http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/SE9/SE9-13776.ram If anyone can tell me what the heck it is or how to produce it on a synth, I'd be extremely grateful.
  5. Apparently this never got answered, and I'm looking for one myself right now. (Search turned up nothing useful.) I'm a fan of Campbell's harpsichord soundfont. (hammersound) You could also try the one in Titanic SF, which is pretty good if I remember.
  6. The percussive section at http://hammersound.net should be able to get you hooked up with a good set from one of the many drumpacks there. Otherwise, search http://www.sf2midi.com for triangle. you'll probably get a whole bunch of GM sets. I recommend downloading Cadenza or Merlin if you don't have them already. I'm sure one of those has a decent triangle sound in the percussion. If you find it, you can just cut the instrument out using vienna.
  7. Just to alert everyone searching for decent samples that there is a new release of the Titanic Soundfont, now v1.2. It's slightly larger than the previous, with total unpacked size about 275MB. One of the largest and highest-quality GMGS sets available, this new revision features several reworked orchestral instruments (trumpets, violins, etc) as well as revised pads and synth leads. The font can be downloaded from http://www.titanicsf.com.
  8. I think I can help you, BlueEnvy. This is an idea that I got. I haven't been able to test it (the audio cables I have aren't long enough), but in theory, it should work. You'll have to perform the rip directly from gamecube. You'll need Gamecube, SSBM, the TV, and a CD-recorder or cassette recorder (with line in). Step 1: Power up gamecube, with the component cables attached to the television. Attach two controllers. Step 2: Go to the options menu and further to the sound effects bar. Step 3: Find the sound effect that is the right Kirby one. Step 4: Disconnect the audio cables from the telev
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