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  1. Actually, I thought there was a simpler, smarter and more efficient way to do it... This is just pain in the ass and really hard if you have a lot of tempo changes on several tracks.
  2. I have a problem. Whenever I import a midi in reason, I lose all my tempo track (or conductor track). The only parameter remaining is the first tempo that appears to be the tempo for the whole song. How can I make the tempo change for some parts only?
  3. How can I create a good lead sound using the subtractor? I managed to do some decent stuff using the subtractor but I'm looking for some kinda guitar sounding lead. Perhaps if I join my subtractor with a compressor or distortion device.
  4. It's weird to see how Reason rules and sucks at the same time...
  5. How does Kontakt work? Do you use it with another program? Because I mean... It changes the samples but it doesn't give you the ability to play them... Would it be possible for me to modify a sample with Kontakt and then use it within Reason or I would need to find a new program? I am quite confused about how to use the sampler...
  6. I think I would be better with Kontakt as I do not use Cubase or wish to use it in a distant future... Is Gigastudio really that bad? I heard somewhere that the gigapiano was great.
  7. Ok thanks. Then I should get Kontakt. Are the .gig files compatible with Kontakt? And although I really like Reason it doesn't seem to work well with anything else... Is there an alternative to this program that is somewhat similar that could run .gig and LD?
  8. Well that's great! I would like to ash though since I don't know much on the matter. How does it work? On the website they say you can buy a version for Gigastudio. I heard a bit about Gigastudio but I don't really know anything about it. Should I get it as well along with LD? And then can you use the samples of lyrical distortion in programs such as Reason or any other? And I am not familiar with distortion plugins. What exactly are they?
  9. Totally ridiculous. NOTHING makes digital hardware better than software. It's just chips and that's it. As for analog stuff, they've done blind listening tests comparing software emulations with their analog counterparts, with teams of trained engineers/producers/synthesists and the differences are anywhere from nearly unnoticable to not there at all. It's very easy to make a broad statement about bullshit like "analog warmth" or "boldness" but really if I sat you down and played a TB303 followed by the Audiorealism Bassline, or a DX7 followed by fm7, you would not be able to tell the differen
  10. Perhaps could you start a thread debating this particular issue? I mean this is the samples request topic, not the samples debate. I would like to find some atmospheric pads like what you usually find in New Age music.
  11. Could somebody gives me a list of all the good samples cd/dvd out there? I'm looking for the best samples (piano, orchestral stuff, pads) available. I'm willing to pay, if not the big price, a very good price for them.
  12. Thank you. I think I will just use the song as a sample on reason with the NNTX sampler. It's not hard but I would never have thought that by myself.
  13. How to use Reason with other programs? Is there any way for me to use Reason simultaneously with Cool Edit Pro. I would like to had some vocal to my songs!
  14. How can I reduce the delay between the time I'm playing a note with my midi keyboard and the time I actually hear the sound. I am using the NNXT sampler with the reason's patches and no attack to -64 and still I have a delay.
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