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  1. Well, this song must be good because I just listened to it for 3 hours or so and never noticed that I just kept hearing the same song repeat.
  2. I love this song. It's just so happy. Simple and fun. Plus it puts me in much better mood. Definatly one of my favorite songs all across OCR. Good Job!
  3. Well, even if FF is always remixed, it's still good music. I just make sure never to listen to often to any music or it gets old. I thought this song was really well done. I'm usually not a fan of guitar, but I liked this piece. I think the guitar was done fine for this piece, it really seperates the piece from the original.
  4. This song is now one of my favorites. Everything was done very well, and the whole piece flows together nicely. There is also enough varity thoughout the song. Well worth listenting to.
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