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  1. Although I have painstakingly ripped a library of samples from these consoles that probably rivals theirs, the idea of a license free SNES library of BRR accurate sounds in a well constructed GUI is really interesting for a commercial musician. One problem: The promo code isn't working.
  2. I think i should just explain the reason for the odd pacing and "Boring" beginning. The way I looked at creating this Guitar remix is that first I should demonstrate that I can play this song in it's entirety, note for note. This is Something I appreciatte hearing other people accomplish (Playing some of these songs with guitar can become exeedingly difficult as they were not writtin for guitar, and require odd/ball playing techniques, and loads of practice). Then I tried to move onto the more creative parts, Such as the harmonics and the solos. If I just had the creative parts as one suggest
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