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  1. I love the haunting voices at the start - it really makes you feel that it will build to something awesome. But it doesnt. Atleast not for me. It sounded sort of misguided (even though i'm sure a lot of work went into it). My hopes were raised when the piano began to play, then again it sort of led to nothing substantial. I loved the beats, the synths and the haunting voices as well the piano aspect. But as a whole, Geradu has been done to death and although this offers a different take on the theme, i dont feel it really fits the bill. I'd still recomend downloading it, to see what the fuss is about and make up your own mind.
  2. This is another fantastic Wind Waker mix. The first was awesome and this is just as beautiful. Well done. I can't wait for whats to come Must Download.
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