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  1. If I remember correctly, Doris' little brother in the original "Vampire Hunter D" was named "Dan". I assumed the inference was that Dan was inspired by D and grew up to become a Hunter himself. I've always meant to ask and never quite gotten around to it... BTW, awesome mix! Some skillful orchestration and good use of the original source material. I really liked the music from Chrono Cross and was glad to see it get some recent coverage.
  2. I must say I usually don't enjoy rap. Eminem and Linkin park are shifting me a bit... but I digress. This song really spoke to me. I'm just not sure quite what it said. I was moved by the emotion behind the lyrics, but I'm apparently not the only one having difficulty understanding them and getting DJ Pretzel's lyrics popup to work. Anyway, overall, this mix rocked (or hip-hopped or whatever). I enjoy it thoroughly every time I hear it. It's alway on my playlist and sometimes I go out of my way to hear it. Just wish I could understand that one line... One life... something something... all on a bet / one chance, don't you fear and not forget..." Aargh! What is that lyric? I figure if enough of us ask for it, we'll eventually get the lyrics.
  3. Kinda flat, but appropriately nostalgic. It had me laughing out loud, using bubble pops for rhythm, but other than that... It's okay.
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