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  1. I am sorry for the treatment you got in your recruitment thread. Not everyone on the site is like that. It seems like the site doesn't support the type of game you're trying to make, despite it basically looking like mega man but without clothes. :P Hope this experience hasn't pushed you away from OCR. 

  2. " When replying to recruitment threads, be courteous. Don't criticize the recruiter for starting an album project for a game that you don't like, or for a game that already had an album project previously, or for any other reason. If there's a fangame/remake project, don't be that guy that always starts talking about cease & desist letters. If someone is posting a job listing or interested in commissioning work, don't use their recruitment thread as your own personal soapbox to rant about the nature of for-hire work. Basically, if you don't have something nice or helpful (in the "I'd like
  3. Hello there. I'm tetsuya_shino, creator of the action platform hentai game. [edited]
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