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  1. Thought this was excellent stuff. Maybe making something that 'sounds like it could be on the radio' isn't enough for some, but I'd say the ability to match (better?) recordings that garner millions for their creator's is a fairly respectable accomplishment. I've spent enough time listening to clear channel radio to appreciate Eminem and his brethren's work, and this is quality stuff. Thanks for putting it out there...

  2. Well, I've never played any of the MGS's, so I don't know how far he had to go to get here, but I like what I've got playing. I absolutely LOVE the drums, excellent samples and I enjoyed how they were put to use. The flute was also excellent, and we know by now that your piano will kick ass. The string parts occasionally hit me funny, especially when they first really had the lead at around 2:45. Not sure what it was exactly, but they felt almost.. too.. contained, maybe? Not sure, there was just something to them that was hitting me with that 'these are fake :(' feeling that so often plagues electronic orchestration. Anyway, it quickly faded away and I got back to enjoying the wonderful mix. Definitely a highlight for me with the buildup from 5:30-on, great stuff.

    Anyway, I'll admit I'm stuck in a stage of admiration for how the whole thing 'sounds', and not so much how it's written, so don't know if it's got great lasting value, but I've definitely already gotten my money's worth ;). Excellent stuff Reu, as always. Thanks for laying it down :D

  3. I've had the older version for a bit now (guess it was on VGMix?), and actually really enjoyed it... but I couldn't help noting the recessed volume of the whole piece, and of the accompaniment parts especially, as well as a great disparity in quality between the two. The piece was already gorgeous, but I would always have 'sound issues' in the back of my mind while I listened. The better dynamic effects going on between the piano and backdrop (especially in the strings and the, I think, chimes) also helped a LOT to ease some of the boredom and melancholy that seemed to set in around the 2/3 mark of Blad's original. So I'll just say thanks to Bladiator for arranging/executing a beautiful bit of musical candy, and to Gray for polishing it up til it shined bright. Love the work, hope to hear more in the future...

  4. I really enjoyed this. Admittedly, I could listen to just about anything orchestral that wasn't written intentionally jarring or dissonant and enjoy it to some degree, but whatever. The samples were excellent, especially the choir, which was probably the best sounding I've heard on this site. The only thing that irked me a bit were the 'flares' as DJP called them on flute, just kinda hit me wrong. It was extremely textbook, opening and closing with the basic theme and running through endless variations in between, but textbook in a perfectly executed way you rarely find. Good stuff, a remix of something already very well covered that managed not to hit me in the face with it.

  5. Good stuff. Plenty of people in this thread were ridiculously fanboy about it, and plenty others were ridiculously anti-fanboy, but in the end it's good stuff. The trumpet patch in the beginning is almost painful holding notes, but it doesn't stick around for long, and it's neither the first nor last time I'll be hearing a shitty trumpet patch, so whatever. Also, those intro beat-keeping chimey/bell-like whatevers were indeed painful reminders of my mom watching CBS soaps when I was a kid, but ok, once the trumpet kicks in my pain is diverted away, and then they fade away entirely. FINALLY, we get to the Ailsean guitars, and all is right with the world. Awesomely 80s, he shreds about as well as I'll ever expect from someone not getting paid for their efforts... and I happen to LOVE 80s music, once all the long-hair, drag makeup, and fucktarded costumes are removed from the equation. So yeah, a few problems, a few awesome points, and some seriously over-shadowed work going on behind the guitars... and it adds up to a nice whole. Again, good stuff.

    (Sorry to bring this back up, but since it's been bumped every other month for the past 3 years I figured you'd get over it...)

  6. Yeah, the instruments were definitely not of the greatest quality, but that really didn't detract from the mix much at all for me. The only truly greating note was the first time I heard the sequence around the 3:30 mark, but the line right after it actually resolved it quite nicely for me. On the repetition and subsequent listens, while it still may not sound particularly pleasant to my ears, it at least 'made sense'. Other than that, a solid peice, nothing really 'wow' about it, just a nice, pleasant listen.

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