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  1. Wow, Magic: the Gathering. I stopped playing sometime around when 5th edition came out... tempted to download this program just to see if I can re-figure out how to play.
  2. It may be simple, but this was still the standout track from the album for me... maybe I'm just simple myself. There's one rock/synth combo figure that's repeated throughout the track (right at the beginning, 1:16, 1:46, 3:01) that makes me smile every time I hear it... given it's prominence in the mix I assume it featured heavily in the original as well, but I've never played the game so my ears give you full credit . Awesome work.
  3. Absolutely love this track. I've never played NiGHTS, so Lucid Dreaming was a bit of a background listen for me, but this track instantly caught my attention. There's almost a... I want to say "stumbling" feeling to the way the lead notes are timed throughout this track, that rather than feeling clumsy is just extremely charming. Everything's just right, there's honestly nothing I can think of that I would want to change, which is quite rare... really speaks to the amount of time and care put into crafting this song. So thanks for that effort, and thanks for sharing it
  4. When I saw Morse's name on this, I was expecting something... ahh... "smoother", I'll say. So being hit by a throbbing bass and a pile of dirty synths was a bit of a shock. An altogether pleasant one, as this was a great track. Guitar lead worked well, and the laid-back breaks fit in nicely. If there's a crit to be had, it's the general feeling in the end that the song didn't really go anywhere, if that makes any sense. Anyway, great work here, thanks for sharing!
  5. The 80s is strong with this one. Loved it back when I first heard it, love it even more now with the added backstory... though not sure why the name didn't tip me off in the first place.
  6. http://thesaurus.com/browse/spectacular Yeah, thanks for making this, it was aight.
  7. This isn't really quite my style of music (I tend to need something a bit more active to appease my short attention span), but I am somewhat familiar with Burial, particularly "Archangel", and the crackly ambience here indeed reminds me quite a bit of his work. Beautiful production work here, with the great, deep soundscape, and piano/vocals tinkling over top. Nice mix, and even if not quite to my taste it'll certainly make nice background music while reading and such.
  8. Great mix. Don't know the source, but the 80s metal feel here was strong. Solid drums, sweet soloing, the synth breakdown was nice, and enough variation all around that things didn't overstay their welcome despite the 5.5 minute running time. As said, if there's a fault it's in the fade-out... typically if a rock/metal track's gonna fade out on soloing it's a nice long fade, this one just felt a bit abrupt, especially right in the last second or so. Still awesome though.
  9. Yeah, have to agree with both the praise and the crits already put out there. LOVE what's here, great track, but can't help but dream of a version where the melodic aspects got a bit stronger run. Make more musics please
  10. So, on a project full of amazing tracks, this one has grown into my favorite. It's odd, since I'm usually an all-melody, all-the-time sort, but there's just SO MUCH to love going on here. The massive bass to start things off, the great glitched out percussion, the panned piano lead and counter parts, then the big further glitchy synth, the driving bass part 2/3s through, the rising frantic feel as it pushes towards the end, and then the drop out, and finally the heart throbbing conclusion... I love literally everything about this piece, and you can really feel the years of tinkering that wen
  11. Just some quick thoughts on the tracks that hit me strongest on my first listen through the album. Disclaimer: I tend to be a fairly distracted listener of music, generally doing 3 other things at the same time, so if some of these are a bit general, or even just wrong, that's probably why. Also, if I don't mention a track, it wasn't necessarily because I didn't enjoy it as much, I was probably just focused more on what I was doing during it. On the whole I thought the quality bar on this album was really high. Usually on these massive collabs there's a track or three that stands out to me
  12. Any chance we could get vocal versions of all these instrumental tracks? It's not that I hate music without vocals, but it's so bland and meaningless without a message or story being told. So yeah, if someone could get on that it'd be great. Thx.
  13. Almost never use i-radio, but occasionally when stuck on a campus computer for a long period of time I'll load up my personal station on last.fm radio... my own music and the ability to skip songs I'm not in the mood for makes for a pretty attractive "radio" option.
  14. I have about 100 songs and a bunch of podcasts on my 1 gigger... I rotate songs 3-4 times a week, since I couldn't afford to get a player that would hold my entire collection (there also aren't many (any?) players out there that can handle >90 gigs...).
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