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  1. It's a great mix but just not my cup of tea. As far as profanity, I'm sorry man but you hear it so often now in music that's it's almost refreshing to have a clean track. Not exactly something to be proud of having or raving about. Whoopie-do, it has profanity. Now here's the problem. Like mentioned before some of us have family or kids and don't want them listening to such lyrics and it's harder to enjoy due to little windows of opportunity. Some people are uptight and/or get annoyed with vulgar language. It just so happens that some words annoy the living hell out of me and "nigga/nigger" just happens to be one of them. I hate both uses of the word. You know when you see sterotype teens and whatnot you'll notice every thing they'll say or do and either have some reaction. I laugh when I hear a heavy southern accent but it also annoys the bejesus out of me. Like it or not you learn to live with it. Now as you mentioned before: I feel the same way when I hear the word "nigga" because it's used so damn much. I hear kids walking home from elementry school in a wealthy white community say it. The word has no shock value other than trying to explain it. Not to mention that most white people are afriad to use it -- it's pretty funny to watch. Now picture a song with the words "dude" and "bro" being repeated in fashion you don't like it. Then read notable reviews proclaiming how great it is. Bittersweet don't you think so? Ah, now to the main reason I even wanted to register and to put on my big boy pants. I honestly don't even know where to begin with this. You were doing so well up until this point. A forum no matter how renown is not the place for a grammer nazi more or less one who doesn't know how to use the shift key. That's no way to respond to someone's opinion, valid or not, unless you're a teen who just started learning how to flame (or an attention whore for that matter). It's not even acceptable in terms of correcting someone. His post wasn't screaming typos nor was it incohesive. That was a stupid move. Who knows, maybe more people like Ubik will kiss your ass out of this hole you dug. Just maybe.