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  1. This mix flows really well. Also, it is one of the first honeybee manor remix I have ever heard. Good Job.
  2. Excellent take on the standard Zeal remix. This mix goes far beyond where others left off. The sax solo and the organ really bring out the laid back mood of this piece. The jazz like feel to this piece really seperates it from other Crono Trigge Remixes. It really breaks the mold. Great Job.
  3. This peace really seems to express the grand scale of the game it was modeled after. It never seems to reach a high point , but the whole piece is solid. It moves well and has a nice incorpiration of instruments. (The wind chime was a great idea.) Excellent piece.
  4. I really liked this mix. I stayed true to the orginal song, yet it had a spicier feeling to it. I liked the wide range of instruments and the (conch shell?) opening. It am suprised that there are only two mixes for The Wind Waker. With all of the great songs in it I figured there would be more. Although, the two that are out now ared both excellent.
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