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  1. I found this to be a nice little mix. While it is on the repeatitive side, it has been perfectly arranged, and the insturmentation is pleasing to the ear. I especally liked the piano that comes in at 1:37, and again at 2:21, which add a little variation to the insturmentation of the first interation of this track.
  2. You know, this is really good. I was skeptical during the very first part of the song, as I thought it would be an intense, pure metal mix of "Dragons Prayer". However, as the mix goes along, it develops inot kind of a "Castlevania-esqe" dark rock track. While this is on the oppoiste spectrum of the origional in terms of instrumentation and tempo, I like what has been done here, to put it quite simply, it works.
  3. Wow, this is good stuff. I can't help but be impressed by Protricity's use of in-game sound effects to really capture the mood of the origional. I especally liked how he incorporated the sound of the ghost-ropes that would fade in and out thought many forest levels (in the same vein as his "Mechanical Swamp" remix). As a fan of this series (and its music), I think any remix would not be complete without it. The synth calrinet was an interesting choice, as I have always envisioned a saxaphone replacing the synth line of the origional; but Proticity has made it work wonderfuly. Overall, this is
  4. Wow, this is good, although its far from perfect. I really liked the first few lines of the Sitar (I think thats what it is), as it posseses a rich airyness that is required (I think) for any faithful remix of this track. My only complaint is the synth saxaphone. After the richness of the Sitar, this was a bit abrasive to my ears. If the quality of the saxapone sample coule be increased, I think it would drasticaly increase the enjoyablity of this remix, and set it apart from the countless other "Time Circuts" remixes.
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