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  1. Yeesh. Overall, a 3/5. At least it is the BEST rap I have ever heard, and was a plesent melody to listen to, regardless if you concentrated on what he was saying or not. The transitions between descriptions was smooth, but irratic. This is my oppinion, have a super SONIC day, Biggestsonicfan Have you ever even heard the originals? Number 1 is in SA2's Wild Canyon. 2 is from his SA1 theme, as is 3. 4, SA2. 5 is an altered version of part of the SA2 one. 6, too; the original also has him mentioning his feet. Your second 6 (I assume you meant 7) is original, and if you dislike it okay. Me, I enjoyed this song as a Knuckles fan, even though rap is one of my least favorite music genres.
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