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  1. the sooner the wii version of this comes out, the sooner my small gut goes away

    i want to be 125 lbs again damn it being 135 sucks cause my damn gut is actually like a gut now

    sorry to those over 135 lbs if you took this offensively oh well


    Dammit, now I feel fat. (185 lbs)

  2. Death and Dracula from the original Castlevania... Why was it configured for them to fight for their lives? Still, to this very day, that game is the only one out of that series that I haven't beaten... *sigh* :cry:

    I have yet to beat Castlevania 2... :cry:

  3. My location for dance games was pretty bad back in the day. I used to have to travel over an hour to play on a good machine.

    Luckily, my friend is a manager at the place where the Extreme machine is, and our ITG2 machine is owned by a really nice guy(Owns the park I mean), and the arcade manager listens to any problems we have. He even gave me his email address if the pads start acting up at all.

    You're lucky. I have to travel 45 minutes to play a DDR machine, and I would have to travel nearly 4 hours to find an ITG2 machine... :(

  4. Just looking at the steps (at work...no audio), if it wasn't in the shitty FFR format, it probably would be a decently hard song for fingers...I'm pretty sure I lack the physical stamina to do a song like that on feet because I'm currently out of shape, but for a keyboard that isn't too bad.

    I didn't mean to keep it at FFR, but to download it and use it for StepMania. I personally can't do crap at FFR myself...

  5. Addiction suggests that one would go through withdrawal symptoms if deprived of the addicted substance (or game in this case.)

    I'd like to see if anyone shows physical withdrawal symptoms if kept away from video games after being diagnosed as "addicted".

    Believe it or not... I have.

    I went through the whole basic training... six weeks without videogames or internet. For a good portion of the time, I shook for no reason, I couldn't sleep no matter how tired I was, I developed headaches for no apparent cause, etc. It is possible to become addicted to videogames.

  6. I ran across a game called Metal Wolf Chaos. Let me tell you, this game is one hard SoB to beat... I haven't beaten the last boss yet.

    Here's the setup... You are the President of the US, and your Vice President has started a Coup against you. You don a battle mech called Metal Wolf and fight against the US armies and the Vice President. Sounds fun, right?

    The last boss has you pinned against three things at once. First of all, there are hostages trapped in the Statue of Liberty. Second, there's this gigantic tank thing that wants to run you over, like squish. Thirdly, at the beginning of this fight, the tank fires a missile directly at the Liberty statue.

    You have to defeat the tank FIRST before you can destroy the missle. Oh, and you only have 3 minutes to beat the tank AND missile. >.<

    This boss is pissing me off.

  7. That means that your gap is perfect but your BPM is off.

    Well, would someone mind setting the GAP and BPM for a song for me, please? Just one song that I can't seem to get. I'll wait for a yes or no before I stick the song in a file.

  8. What's the easiest way to determine a GAP setting on a song? It seems like every time I set the GAP on a song I'm trying to step out, it starts out perfect, then the program's GAP setting either is too slow or too fast, and sometimes it alternates between too slow/too fast on the same song. What do I do?

  9. This'll be my last request for a while, I promise. Especially since I've started trying to step a couple songs of my own. But this next is a Beatdrop song from FFVII. Download Page, Dude.

    I know it's pretty long and all. But the amount of beat that goes into it should be at least a 12 footer.

    By the way... what the hell does that mean?

  10. I play arcade DDR when I can. I have the XBox DDR Ultramix 2 and 3 at home. ANd I have SM on my computer, where I'm trying to make a Stepfile for a song by a Christian rock band called PILLAR.

    The dude that was taking requests, I wonder if you'd try one for me. "Fleeting Ecstacy" by chthonic, here on OCR. DIRECT LINK TO DOWNLOAD PAGE (edit)

    And... IIDX... what does that stand for? I feel dumb.

    And and... anyone hear the news about Beatdrop?

  11. I'd like to hear something done to this theme as well. Perhaps something in the vein of that one Halo remix Fall From Above (You Can't Stop)? I'll bet that would work wonders with this mix.

    I could give it a try, but it won't be good... all I have to work with right now is Power Tab Editor... which means I'd have to print out a tab and get friends to perform it. >.<

  12. Eh... Chrono Trigger's Lavos first form (shell) when playing through the game for the very first time and meeting up with Queen Zeal. If you can beat Lavos at that point in the game, I bow to you.

    Now, on Hard difficulty in the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (the Genesis version, and yes, I do still play this) you would think that Robotnik himself would be the hardest opponent. I consider everyone from level 6 and up to be bosses in this game. No... Scratch is the hardest boss I came across in that game.

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