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  1. Can't wait! Thanks for making a thread about it Liontamer!
  2. Lordnosfer

    PAX East

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if OC Remix was going to have a panel again this year. I know I'm far from a regular on the boards, but if anyone attending has any questions about the Boston area or is stuck without a ride I'm willing to help out. Looking forward to hopefully seeing a panel and meeting some folks!
  3. I was wondering if anybody was going to Anime Boston this Friday (4/2) to see the Video Game Orchestra. They played at PAX last weekend with a small group and were amazing, this time they will be there with their full 90 members. It'd be great to meet up with some folks if they're there!
  4. Aw man I missed Skyblazer!? I used to rent that from Blockbuster all the time, that and Actraiser were my standbys when there wasn't anything else there for the weekend.
  5. Thank you guys for coming up to PAX! I didn't really get a chance to meet anyone, but definitely enjoyed the panel and chiptunes.
  6. There is public transportation to/from the event that can get you pretty close to the convention center and several hotels right in the area around it. I'm not sure quite how long it would take, but if it is too long or prohibitive with your luggage shoot me a pm. I live in the area and get out of class that Thursday night at 645 pm, after that I can help out folks with some rides from/to the airport.
  7. The VGA cable will support up to 1080p, that's what I currently run it at as I ran out of HDMI inputs.
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