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  1. Brass instruments are not clean by nature, thus I like the imperfect samples, makes it sound more authentic, in my opinion. Drums need to be brought out a tad, especially the lower drums. Ending needs a little work, as well. Seems kind of anti-climatic compared to the rest of the arrangement.
  2. If you had really read previous posts, DJP has mostly disappeared from blame for this whole thing and the backlash is pretty much gone to the staff that advised him to delete. As he stated, he trusted their opinions. Many other courses of action could have been suggested, but they all agreed to delete. DJP wrote honestly, yet objectively, admitting the good (ex. community) and the bad (ex. massive use of bandwidth) of Unmod, showing us sincerity and empathy, reenforcing that he does indeed care about those on his site. All the rage is being fueled by a feeling of disregard offered by several o
  3. Compromise assumes that 2 separate parties were involved. Where in the 9 Hells were we in this decision for the deletion of Unmod and the creation of OT?!? The Coop must have missed those negotiations (as he is probably the most respected Unmodder, and thus best representative). You, pixietricks, are an elitist. You are coming off as pompous, egotistic, and self righteous. As thus, most of us Unmodders have ZERO respect for you as you pretend to be an expert on all things Unmod. The mature thing to do is to admit you didn't think of all the issues as you seem only to talk of the evils that ha
  4. Looking at the past 2 pages, I've noticed something else... Fear. This fear is less from being banned now to OT being deleted if it is seen as "worthless" to the staff as well. All that OCR once had is now gone. There is no respect anymore. Retro banning, the pictures, lack of user input, and deleting while several staff members were away all point to a general lack of respect, which is a pillar in many communities. If we lack respect, how can OT be successful?
  5. I agree. I have been a lurker for a while, occasionally making posts. I found a home on Unmod and visited frequently. People complained about the fad threads, but those were half the fun. Last week, I logged on and noticed many of the popular posters getting banned. There was no warnings of a crack down, no satisfying explanations, and it seemed... cold. My question here is, do the other staff members have a heart? Did they feel any sympathy at all? Have they no shame? I've read this and not seen any real sense of caring from anyone other than DJP. I've lost much of the respect I used to have
  6. The lead seems... hollow. It would sound sweet, but it is drowned by the beat and I have to strain a bit to hear it. Bring the lead out more and it should sound intense. Need to work on the end, it's kind of anti-climatic. You have a cool intro, good main theme, but a weak ending.
  7. Sounds 80-ish enough, but I thing you need to do a little more yet to make it stand apart from the rest. Still seems kind of generic, but you DID know you were going cliche from the get go... Style is pretty right on, though. Keep going!
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