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  1. I definitely liked that bass line in the back ground throughout, that really gave it a cool style. I didn't really like the beginning much with that bell chime over and over, it was just overbearing in compared with the nonchalant feeling of the rest of the piece, giving it a deceptive intro. I also didn't quite get the drums. I mean yeah they kept the beat but, everything else just feels like it falls into place cooly, calmly, but the drums and just consistently over bearing, maybe too loud or just some a little calmer to fit with the other tracks. Still love that bass line though and the melodic tracks *grooves*
  2. I'm in agreement with Kodeir` up there. Yes the vocals are an interesting take on a remix by removing them and adding the orginal tracks but, the tone of the orginal vocals are so bombastic and epic that putting them with the new track just really... eh. I don't get any epic feel from the piece anymore, and for the most part am just bored with whats going on. The slow section was interesting, and I do like some of the new themes but they just don't mesh well with the tone of the vocals
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