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  1. Be my friend bleck?

    Even though you want to rip my face off and wear it?

  2. 3 years Federal, 4 Years State, Prime Minister can call an election whenever he wants to

  3. Mainly the contempt we have for politicians.

    I mean it doesn't stop idiot communications ministers trying to censor the internet, but you can make sure he gets laughed at because of it.

  4. You'd be rather amused to know...

    We have nothing. There is an implied right to free speech in the constitution, separation of JUDICIAL power from Executive and Legislative, and Freedom of Religion.

    Everything else is a common law right and can be abrogated. Including Jury Trials, State acts of attainder (because judicial power is NOT separated at the state level), and other abominations of law. Fun huh?

  5. "In this Thread."

  6. 1. Depends on which University

    2. Depends on your entrance scores.

    I seriously doubt you'd be able to get a scholarship, though. Most of the time they save those for local students :P

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