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  1. I saw your last post, it is about a month ago. :-(

  2. hehehe, whaaaaat?

    What are you doing Maty? What do you do for living? miau?

  3. You set me up for it, goofball. :P

    Remember the words of William Shakespeare:

    "Gee Em CHRYSLER WUT is that SMELLLLL!!?!?!?"

    What he didn't know was that Havana during a heat wave did not exist yet, and wouldn't exist for 450 more years.

  4. hehehehe, so i'm special now

  5. Maty? I've heard a lot of variations of Meteo before, but that one's never come up before.

  6. Hello Maty, how are you? Thanks for your comment, miau!

  7. I am Meteo Xavier. What is the good word, Cat lady?

  8. Hahaha, I didn't know that here was too many CT remixes. This is my second remix, I'm open to opinions for improve it Thanks! The audio: http://www.milkywaywishes.herograw.n...nt%20Light.mp3
  9. Hi Musiccat, I will overtake your postcount today. See you soon.

  10. Does someone use parallel desktops (windows in mac)? And windows live msn in it? I have problems with the microphone of the macbook for videocalling
  11. Sure, no problem :)

  12. Nice you add me as your friend. When those forums get a little empty I'll write you some messages, if you don't bother.

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