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  1. The first thing I though when I heard this Remix is, "Wow, it's FFVI meets Morrowind." This was before I skipped on over to Soule's website and found out he wrote music for Morrowind. So I am assuming Soule uses some sampling or at least some inspiration from Morrowind in this remix. Sifting through his other credits, I found he's written music for a number of other games which I realy enjoyed the score of. I wasn't all suprised, a lot of his work has the same tone and feel to it. I am not sure if that is because he simply prefers a particular style, or if thats what he's hired for. You know something like, "Hey Jeremy, we are looking for a sounds similar to what you did in xxxxx..." I'd be interested to her the artist's input on this. I specifically saw notable similarities between his works in: Secret of Evermore Dungeon Seige Neverwinter Nights The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Marletto