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  1. Jesus, this piece is freaking amazing. The incredible intensity and variation astounds me. It's like an adventure every time I listen to it. The ridiculous piano at 3:10 made my jaw drop in front of the computer. It took about 15 seconds for me to pick up my jaw and start laughing at how it makes me feel like an insignificant plumber that something like this exists in the same world as I. And the modulation at 3:37 smacked me in the @$$. This mix proves the point that video game remixes can rival the complexity and creativity of the instrumental greats of the musical past. I bow.
  2. I've never liked 80's rock. But I do like this piece. I like it because it's BETTER than 80's rock. It has more complex and melodic stuctures. The real action starts after the 3 minute mark. It's hard to put so many guitars in a song and make it sound good. Anyone trying to do so should consult this mix.
  3. There's nothing mind-blowing here. In terms of relaxing music, it doesn't even compare to Protricity's "Forest Birdcussion." But as a fan of Mario music, I must say I enjoy this piece very much. Its sounds and feel are almost hinting toward Super Mario 64's Jolly Roger Bay music(which has been remixed several times on this site). The piano sounds are high quality and I think it adds something to it. I'm not sure I agree completely with the melody change, even though it's slight. But I guess nothing but the most loyal and hardcore Mario mixes completely please me.
  4. Whoa Jazz Jackrabbit was the shit... Anyway, this remix definitely makes me want to wear a colorful, holey bandana and dance. Too bad I can't dance... The bass in this is hot, and the brass shots attack you(in a good way). And I must say that the constant modulation of the melody and chords are superbly done.
  5. I'm familiar with that which Dr. Fruitcake has done, and, of course, this is his best. In fact, I'm positive that this is my favorite mix on the whole of the site. I tip my red hat with an "M" on it, Doctor. Aside from my obsession with anything tropical, this peice alone stands alone as simply incredible. When I heard the Super Mario World credits theme, a feeling in my gut started to affect my emotions, and then when I heard the Mario Party 2 Western Land music in a full-fledge steel drum/xylophone/vibraphone combo, I nearly started crying. But that's just how I react to that kind of stuff... The sound quality is some of the best on the site. The transitions from song to song are artful. I burned this remix and blast it in my car.
  6. True, Gerudo Valley is an often-harped-on song among video game music, but I think this remix is the best I've heard yet. The bass in the song is ridiculously and meticulously crafted. The hi-hat is also very intricate, having perfect usage and good continuity. My favorite of all though, are the major chords in the end of the song.(Consequently, part of the melody also goes major) I love the refreshing feel it gives to the piece, but still keeps it real with most of the original chords. A wonderful iteration proving that something other than trite remixes can be made out of this song.
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