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  1. The problem is we don't want any favourite remix fullstop, as we don't want to hurt the feelings of remixers etc.
  2. I posted a favourites thread and all I got was this lousy *bump*.
  3. I wish I knew. Even [-Smoke-] doesn't know what happened to the first thread, and I'm sure the second ones disappearance is just as mysterious. I'm wondering if it has something to do with it not being posted in for 3-4 weeks, since that seems to be how long threads last in this forum. Maybe despite being a stickied thread, it still gets deleted due to inactivity. We'll just have to remember to reply to it every fortnight or so. We could just talk about our favourite mixers to keep this bumped, you know .
  4. hehe, beating sephiroth is hard, but far from impossible. Personally, this was the most rewarding thing i've ever done in a video game. It took me around 15-20 goes, but when i finally did it, i was so overcome with joy that i ran and hugged my little brother (who had been cheeering me on) and proceeded to run out of the house and roll around in the grass laughing. It makes me smile evan thinking about it. btw, i think kingdom hearts is fantastic, flame me if you must, but you're not changing my mind
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