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  1. Hey guys, not sure if this is the appropriate sub-forum or even if this is allowed. Read the rules and it seems okay, but feel free to lock or move if this isn't. Anyway, I'm a drummer looking to start a video game cover band of any style as long as I can get some people together to jam to some video game tunes. I am located in Indiana, and I'd be willing to go to any of the surrounding states if any of you live there. We could jam maybe once a month or something? Of course, if you live here, that's even better as I have a good jam space to play in. Do any of you know a good place to rec
  2. McVaffe is back! Return of the king! Good to have you back and remixing one of the best songs ever written? Wow, it doesn't get better than that man.
  3. I really didn't enjoy it and I thought it was weak compared to the original. I will post my expanded thoughts in a bit after listening to the original again a couple of times.
  4. You know, this is one of the best songs ever made, not just remixes. The thing I love about it is that it tells a story, it isn't merely a piece of music. I can feel the struggle and the triumph and all of those cool things that should be in every piece. Anyways, fantastic work and it inspired me to make a music video.
  5. Incredible remix! Bravo. Now to any of you who haven't played this game: MAKE TIME FOR IT. They were planning on a sequel to this absolutely incredible game but no one bought it! If you thought this remix was good then you have to hear the rest of the games music. Incredible game, incredible remix, bravo everyone!
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