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  1. As I'm writing I'm listening to Ascension to Cosmo Canyon. It's one of my favorite songs and the only way I know Reuben Kee. I'd like to think that Reuben's journey now is like this song. It starts off slow and sad, but it slowly builds into something more. something epic. Reuben will be remembered, His music was larger than life, and now, so is he.
  2. Let this be known first: I generally hate rap music. That said, this remix is different. I actually enjoyed this rap remix. Now admittedly the only other Rap Remix I've ever heard is the Asterix remix that was put on OC Relatively recently, but I must say, this is the best rap remix I've ever heard. The lyrics were original and amusig, and the music was entertaining independent of the lyrics. overal, out of 25, I'd give this a 19.
  3. Have to say, I really like the introduction to this mix. It's sort of trance-like and I must say I enjoy it. I like the faster pace of this mix over the original. The echoing of the lyrics is very subtle at times, but it really helped make this mix for me.
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