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  1. if you go to download donkey kong country 2.rsn chiptune...you get DKC 3.rsn instead i just thought you should know
  2. first i dont know if there a thread like this so... i just wanted to say that after i watched the internet superstar interveiw of DJpretzel, i am so happy and amazed on how much this site has changed/improved and is still growing i have been coming to this site for years checking out the new music that everyone submits here of all my favorite games and i tell everyone about this site if they like video game music. i am a BIG FAN! of video game music i would listen to midi files of video game songs on random websites but when i found this site it all changed and then it came out with chip tunes and i would listen to songs in its original sound cause they remind me of when i was kid, remembering all the melodies that would get stuck in your head from playing the same game for hours on end. if im not doing that i have like 1000 songs on random in my playlist on my computer of just ocReMix's and try to guess what game it is from, to me its fun and relaxing. im so glad i found this site randomly one day years ago. thank you for making this site! and i thank everyone who contributes to it if i had music skillz i would ReMix some songs P.S. i wonder if there are other people out there that like video game music like i do, drop a line and say hi.
  3. WOW that was such a nice remix like the other said guy i remember playing it the first time too this remix rocks im makeing a cd right now with this song being track #1 also i remeber requesting this song so long ago and it finally comes to life......its in my playlist as i type great job Ryan8bit
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