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  1. We have not created the intro content yet. We were thinking of doing the opposite (getting music first and building an intro around that). But we could do the two together in tandem. I'm meeting with the writers this Saturday and we could discuss initial ideas for our intro. We've been so focused on the episode content that we haven't put a lot of thought into the intro yet. But we could storyboard an initial concept before the music creation process begins if that's more helpful.
  2. Hello OCRemix Community, I'm currently producing an animated series to be posted for free on youtube. I'm looking to commission a musician here to create an original intro to be used in our show's title sequence. It probably only needs to be about 15-25 seconds long. I am willing to pay real money! The show is an anime/video game/pop culture parody series so something sounding maybe along the lines of rock or techno or video game-ish. If you are willing to join a video call and walk us through advising us on an appropriate genre of music that would be great. The writers for the series will likely write some funny lyrics and provide the vocals. But you'll be responsible for providing the instrumentals and original composition. If you're interested, please send me some samples of your work. Please note which are original compositions vs covers. My email is bogusred@paperdemon.com More info about the series: "Dragon Mall Quest is an epic quest of two average guys trying to get by in a mall filled with the chaos and insanity that would only be commonplace in an anime. Season 1 of Dragon Mall Quest will have eight five minute episodes released on YouTube for free." As far as timing goes, we plan to release the series by end of the year so at the latest need it by then. We'd love to have the intro song by the time we post our indiegogo campaign in April but if we can't get it by then, that's ok.
  3. Hello y'all. I'm getting married this month and my wedding is Legend of Zelda themed (not cosplaying though). I was wondering if anyone has a Zelda OC remix music suggestion to use to walk down the isle. Currently I've selected A Rose for Zelda but it gets a bit hairy at parts and am wondering if there's another selection that might be better. Please note I'm getting married at an outdoor venue (not in a church) so something like acoustic guitar may fit better. Thank you for the help.
  4. Congratulations to djpretzel and the rest of the staff of OCRemix.org. I think what you guys started 10 years ago was really unique and, for me, truly legitimized video game music as an art form. It wasn't until I discovered OCRemix back in probably like 2003 that I realized there were other people that enjoyed listening to video game music. I haven't been that active of a member of the community but I've been popping in since the early days and I've seen the community transform. I'm very proud of OCRemix and proud to have my music up here. Congrats again and here's to another great 10 years!
  5. Haha I have to say this is a really interesting remix. I love it. I love the title and I love the music. DrumUltimA really captured the essence of the original tune. Thank you judges for allowing DrumUltimA to stretch the limits of OCR's library.
  6. Thanks for the Twitter pimpage, Liontamer! A little back story... I was working with the project manager on creating some promo graphics related to the iGoogle game themes. The PM was asking his event staff what they wanted to do for music at the event. They weren't sure what to do so they added me to the email thread since I was into games. At that point they had no idea I was a Remixer or into VG music. I became extremely excited and told them all about OCR. I basically gave them a copy of a bunch of OCR music I had on my hard drive and they created a playlist from it. I never thought my passion and knowledge of video game music would come in handy at Google! I'm so glad I got added to that email thread.
  7. Hello OCRemix community. I just wanted to let you know about a bit of exposure that OC Remix got recently. Google hosted a small Game Developer's Conference after-party yesterday to celebrate the launch of their video game iGoogle themes. Most of the music played during the event was OC Remix music and, while I wasn't there to witness it first hand, I heard from Googlers who attended that the music was very well received. Everyone enjoyed hearing a different spin on familiar tunes from their favorite video games. I even heard some people started to dance when a Zelda remix started to play. I'm just glad I got the opportunity to introduce the organizers of the event to OC Remix because they had no idea what music to play. They were all like, "hmmm. what kind of music to gamers like? house? techno?" and I was like... "OC REMIX BABY!!!!" +1 to all the remixers! Your music was well received! -BogusRed
  8. Thank you so much Elana for your kind words about my mix. And thank you to everyone else too! I agree with you DJjabberbox that the synth is a bit annoying. I still haven't found the perfect sound font. I found a decent one that i used in beyond midgar but it has problems with low velocities so i have to maually go in note by note and raise the velocities in quiet areas.
  9. Actually the source is the Overworld Main theme although often times that's considered the characters main theme. There is a link right to it on the page for the remix. I think it's track 1 of the 2nd disc of the 4 disc soundtrack.
  10. Yo LionTamer! How's it hangin'! It kind of confuses me what he said because the "other" implies that I did a Z64 song before but I did a Z3 song. Oh well, doesn't matter.... my brain hurts...
  11. What do you mean Adam_Slight by other Z64 songs? This is an FF7 song. Or am I misunderstanding you?
  12. Oh this is such a cool arrangement. It's so unique and interesting. I like it a lot. The chords are so different. Great job Destiny and The Wingless! Keep up the good work.
  13. ...Do you still have the original recording through the MIDI keyboard? I'd like to learn this song if you'd let me. Yes I have the MIDI available for download here: http://www.bogusred.net/mmdl/music/BogusRed-Into_the_Golden_Sunset.mid
  14. Yeah sure I've got relatives and friends who own pianos but honestly, how many people do you know that have pianos that are actually in tune and in good shape? I'm looking into possibly using one of the concert pianos at my college.
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