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  1. personally i kinda like a little bit of clipping as long as it doesnt take anything away from the quality of the song. Ive heard a load of songs where they use clipping to warp drums into crazy sounds. drums that hit hard then almost cancel out completely and a sonic aftershock follows after it. maybe its just in what i do, but i have come under the impression that clipping doesnt really happen until you actually compress it cause technically clipping doesnt happen unless you're playing the track really freaking loud, so loud that the speakers the sounds are coming out of cant go any louder.
  2. does anyone else have the crystal synth? its awsome and free... it gets a little confusing but once you tweak and play with it a while its amazing! and the presets are awsome too. IMO the best vst synth on kvr-vst is the crystal synth.
  3. In general, i use compressors on all of my effects tracks anyway, i dont necissarily do anything with them i just put them there for control. either that or the parametric equalizer.... I keep forgetting that not everybody uses fruityloops... of course sometimes you just gotta let the bastard track clip...especially in hardcore tracks
  4. The most obvious solution is to not resize the window....ive never seen a "division by zero" error in fruityloops...but i bet it has something to do with your monitor resolution
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