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  1. gotcha... cause in FL3 that really never applied to me, i never really even knew that it did which is why i never thought to look there... i should learn everything... lol thx again!
  2. are you serious... lol, i wouldn't've seen that if my life depended on it... i can get really dumb sometimes... THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!
  3. FL5 question... Okay, i JUST switched from FL3.5.6 to FL5 and, well, you know in the playlist and in the piano roll in fl3.5.6 things would snap very neatly to the grid, and you could expand and shrink nicely and neatly to the grid, well is there a way i can do this easily in FL5 without having to be very precise about every click and quantizing it?!?!?!
  4. I honestly must say, this is the best sonic remix I've heard to date really! That kick is so amazing and the whole percussion is outstanding. This song is exactly what I LOVE hearing and I hope we can expect more like this in the future on OCR because it's just so much fun and great to listen to! Excellent work!
  5. Does anybody know a soundfont with a lot of Hi-Hat samples... i had a great one (it's name escapes me) but I can't use it cause when I convert to .mp3/.wav in FL it randomly dissappeared through-out the track
  6. Is there a way to play the midi files as I create them in FL, to hear them in MIDI form?
  7. i need help finding any good dance and electronica or techno synths... i've a few but and i'm not that good on making my own [in Fruity Loops] and some soundfonts, samples, or anything is pretty good....
  8. First off, I run Fruity Loops (I figured this was a more general question so I made a new topic) Okay, I always seem to have a problem with clipping in my songs and I was curious why it does this-- are there too many voices, too high velocities, what? And are there ways of eliminating it or at least can I get some tips to help stop it from happening... Thanks for any advice!
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