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  1. I enjoyed this a few nights ago and I went to get this on my laptop and all of the links are gone. "SEGA have contacted regarding the download hosted on this site. While this issue is being resolved, please do not upload the game for others to download. Any links posted on this site will be removed. Thank you." QQ
  2. Depends on the game/reward/content/ownership I tend to full clear Donkey Kong Country, Metroids, Marios, Smash, Zeldas. I'm a fan of sequence breaking, too. Speed runs are more enjoyable to watch than do imo. For games like Starcraft or Diablo I typically play them to death until I feel like I've "beaten it" ...which may explain my competitiveness in fighter & rts games. I'm not interested in full comboing/clearing/perfecting Ikaruga/I Wanna be the Guy/DDR tho. Edit: How could I forget Dragon Warrior 3? I played that on my GBA sooooo much.
  3. It's been a while. Sounds good Does this mark the end of The Drop? PS: Revolution + Beat Hazard is sick.
  4. Good to hear another one. Speaking of Felguk... you did say "side by side" early on in the cast. Instant message at 8:40?
  5. Despite it seeming to be something you wouldn't like, I kept expecting Andy Moor - Halcyon (Alex M.o.r.p.h Remix) to pop up in the string of Halcyons. It was in one of Global-Trance's sessions.
  6. I was searching for Sonic music on Napster back when it was new. Feels like forever ago... back when cd burners were like 8x and 56k internet/modems were still big.
  7. I would like to hear kazoo rendition of flight of the bumblebee (or real bees). Brief chats with other ocr/etc producers could be fun.
  8. I like the (long) show. I expected to hear another original at the end, tho If anyone's interested, I thought this mix was worthwhile:
  9. First time I knowingly heard Celldweller was back in the day when I played FFR. http://www.last.fm/music/Celldweller/+similar ...dunno about the first few, but some seem out of place
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