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  1. I want to see "Don't Fear the Reaper" just to play it while using the grim reaper character. Aside from that; more Queen and possibly something from Rolling Stones (If anybody has Get Your Ya Yas Out, I think the live version of Sympathy for the Devil would work).
  2. Dragon Emperor from Seiken Destenku 3 (Secret of Mana 2); the last boss for Duran/Angela's quest. I had max level, max stats, Duran(light/light), Angela(light/light), Carlie(light/light), and it took me an hour and a half for my final try to finally kill him. This is freaken endurance. Only one character was useful because the boss changed his element so much, I would usually heal him whenever I cast a spell. When I beat him I got up, did a victory dance, and rushed to the bathroom.
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