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  1. This I like. Great synth, great flow. The voice samples fit pretty well towards the beginning and end of the mix. My only complaints are the voice samples towards the middle of the song got a little too loud, which disrupts the rhythm somewhat. And, as SuperGreenX said, it seems to be continually building towards something that isn’t there. That’s easily overlooked, though. I give it 5.5/7 Chrono Trigger Characters.
  2. I actually liked it, for the most part. Like most everyone has said to far, the distortion on the electric guitar was a little overpowering. Had it been toned down a bit, or taken out all together, it probably would have been a much better mix. You could also have probably used acoustic for that part too, only at a bit higher volume, but that probably would have changed the feel of the song as a whole considerably. I give it 4.5/7 Chrono Trigger characters.
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