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  1. More! Wild Arms remixes!!! Yeah! This song brings back memories... there should be lots of remixes on this game, it had a great western themed soundtrack! Specially' the title track this song was made from, I deffinatley love it. DJCrono did a great job indeed.
  2. Actually I found the song a nice change of pace for my Chrono remix collection, the slow dark melodic sound deffinatley set the mood. The only complaint I would really have with the song is how short it was. I can see something like it stretching out to be very notalgic. True it's not a song you can have enqued in your play list and have it play through without noticing, but if you play the song on it's own it deffinatley can give you either a dark feeling that could inspire someone to write a story. I even like the heroic feeling it gives you when the flute sample plays around 1:16.
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