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  1. Uh... okay. I think he's correct; but only in the sense that more people visit there and that while Remixing is just a part of OCR, GS has its complete forum dedicated to it. Simply a matter of having a bigger sample population (sample as in statistics) and less mercy for "lol d00d u should use an audigy and warez ur plugins". Plus the mods can show actual experience there - most here only have a studio in name but don't rent it out or have a separate building for the business.
  2. Okay. What? Jesus. Some? It's going to be something that'll suck some investment depending on how serious you are. It means basstraps and high-frequency damping. http://www.studiotips.com/ Read. Stop. Dump that idea because you'll pay most for the brand itself and an ugly case you're not seeing anyway. No. You want to make music. Playing games is for something else. Get rid of that huge piece of power-sucking graphics card and invest your money more wisely. Not much and 2 would be enough to start with. Remember, a better computer gives you a bigger e-penis but does not make you a better composer. You want to play games? Invest in an XBOX 360 for the guests, they love that shit. How many hardware rack/module synths do you plan to buy? The only things there should be mic preamps otherwise. See those empty spaces? If you're not going to fill 'm you don't need them. A Neumann wouldn't hurt either . You're recording - it's a given that most pre-amplifiers found in mixers no matter what are not good. Invest in a few mic preamps, think something like Presonus, TL Audio, Focusrite, etc. See, this is what I don't get. You go for the full wazoo and then say "some 49 key controller". Also, Colossus - you already have a Fantom. Don't get duplicates. Stylus RMX and Atmosphere would probably be more useful, too. Why 49 keys? The money you'll save on dropping that stupid idea of a graphics card alone will give you room for 61 at least. Get yourself a CME UF-6 - anything with good keys should work. Don't be cheap on this because it'll be what you'll mainly play on. What do you have for the rest? Oh, nevermind. Use the Fantom as your controller or buy an extra knob box. Good choice on the monitors. Computer - reconsider. Expand that Tascam thing.
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