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  1. Hey everyone, I'm an old(ish) school OCRemixer from back in the day, and I wanted to let you all know I've finally made the leap to a game composer with the release of my first title: XING: The Land Beyond. You can check out the Bandcamp I've set up here: And a link to the Steam Page: I've got all sorts of fun memories here, recorded in the posts I made back 12 years ago when I was 15 and wide-eyed at the idea that there were other video game music fans out there in the world. Thanks again, OCR, for leading me down this path of creation!
  2. I am a posted remixer as zylance and zoola :3
  3. Hello OCR, it's been too long... I'd like to present my latest endeavor: Kickstarter! Greenlight! A little history; I started this project partly because I've always wanted to make a game and partly because I was frustrated with the games I was composing for while freelancing. Little did I know I would fall in love with game development to complement my love of music, and here I am eight months later. I don't always like to dwell on the past, but I'd like to give thanks to this community for fostering my need for creation and giving me amazing support on all of my projects I've ever tackled. Whenever I'm asked, I always point out OCR as a massive influence on my life and direction, and for that I'll always support the community. Thanks again, for everything! John
  4. Sure, let's go with zylance lowercase. Will I log in as zylance after this change?
  5. Just because it is finished doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in feedback
  6. So I made this remix / orchestration of the League of Legends main theme a few months ago, and I never thought about submitting it to OCR. Its been so long; I know the standards have changed so I'm not sure what's being accepted nowadays. Take a listen: or http://snd.sc/pMkKB2
  7. I don't know how many people here still remember me, but I used to be pretty active here at OCR years ago. I've move on to other musical outlets to continue to explore my options. Please, take a listen to my portfolio at http://johntorkington.com You can find quite a selection of musics there.
  8. So I know I haven't exactly been active on these forums for a long time, but I'd just like to let all you LoL fans know that I've been making parody songs for LoL this year. I just put out a one today, take a listen! Alistar got really popular: Just put this out:
  9. Hey man, you still around at all?

  10. Sounds a lot like me. Been doing some album projects recently, and a name change that no one took seriously.
  11. Oh no worries, I'm just joking around. I like how there is a clear distinction between the OCRemixes of the song as compared to non OCR'ers in terms of defining remix as rearrangement.
  12. Oh geez you guys are going alphabetically? Guess I'll be waiting some time!
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