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  1. Fine.... The Googlian Overlords are already dictating every other portion of my life from email to my phone. I might as well set up a calendar there. :-( You'd think an OCR-branded online calendar would be good though. OCR merchandise like Spaceballs. :-( I want some OCR toilet paper. :-(

    Now the only problem is I did check by searching gmail's search bar, and I have a mismatched number of submission confirmation emails, and none of them say what I have submitted. o_o I need to figure out what I submitted that I don't have a confirmation for, which may be tricky because I'm stupid.

    edit: I think I figured it out, I may be one week past the 3 weeks from my last sub.. I'm missing 2 confirmation emails but I probably deleted them. o_O I find Google's calendar to be.. not very nice.. I would prefer a smaller overview with highlighted date buttons. But meh.


  2. My mother took me to OUSWTFBBQ a few years ago and met all of the OUS people and a bunch of the OCR people who go there too and she loved it so much she keeps asking when you guys are having another gathering so she can go to it again. Still.

  3. Your arrangement was great, but you need to let the notes "ring" a little bit more.

    A lot of them just suddenly "stop," which takes away from the feeling. Try to hold the notes longer.

    If you're talking about the intro, the detachment is actually intentional. I haven't added reverb or even damper events to the render here. And the effect will come out better when I actually record a performance of it.

    Thanks for listening!

  4. Hi, Liz! Yeah, I just started hanging out around here again. It's nice to see all the old people still come here. Anyway, I plan on doing a live recording of this eventually since I've become more confident with my playing, so when I do, it should definitely sound more natural and not sound like a robot slamming the keys. I'm really glad you took the time to listen to this piece of mine.

  5. I don't mean to offend but you're trying to make a lullaby sound upbeat, it just sounds forced. I don't think its possible to make this tune work in that style.

    I find this pretty offensive, actually, since you're telling me my artistic interpretation of the piece is invalid without saying much else. It sounds like you just didn't like what I did with it.

  6. Okay, so I originally started this a few months back when I was in a Yoshi's Island arranging frenzy and I had the idea of taking the structure of Franz Liszt's Consolation №1 in E major and mixing it with the Yoshi's Island intro, which came out pretty nicely but the piece ended up being ridiculously short.

    Jump to today when I find this piece again and I decide to expand it, the result being what you're about to hear. This is sort of rough because I haven't had the chance to humanize it or master it or anything so at the time of this writing some of it is going to sound like a robot slamming keys. But I think it's listenable enough to post. In regards to the composition, I'm more or less finished depending on whether I feel like trimming the opening—I just don't know yet.

    But for now, you can hear what I have here.

    Give me feedback or ask questions, if you'd like.

    And yes, that's 7/8.

  7. I've been working on this Yoshi's Island ending arrangement recently called Mr. Stork! May I Go Home… which you can listen to here. It's this thing I've made after a month of listening to pretty much nothing but Sigur Rós.

    Anyway, unless you guys feel otherwise, I really don't think there are any glaring production errors. The real problem is, well, I don't have a guitarist and the whole piece pretty much hinges on the guitar performance. I don't think my synthetic guitars will cut it.

    So, I don't know—give feedback. Be my guitarist, if you'd like.

    Edit: Here's a tindeck link for all of you who don't like 2shared. http://www.tindeck.com/listen/gycr

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