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  1. So um where and when are you playing in Boston? :J
  2. I love films, too. I guess my favorites list would look something like this: Adaptation. Amores perros Apocalypse Now The Big Lebowski Blade Runner Blue Velvet City of God The Constant Gardener Eyes Wide Shut Fight Club Lost Highway Magnolia Mulholland Dr. Oldboy Punch-Drunk Love Requiem for a Dream Stranger Than Fiction Synecdoche, New York There Will Be Blood Unbreakable Wild at Heart I know, I'm a huge fan of Kaufman, Meirelles, P.T. Anderson and Lynch. But yeah, you should totally expand your tastes. I recommend Herzog's films, especially
  3. I had a fantastic birthday. We went out to IHOP and I ate this gigantic burger and now I'm going to get all fat. But here's a picture of me with my wonderful WholeFoods key lime cheesecake! Once again, thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! :J
  4. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! :J It's been a great day so far!
  5. Aww! Thanks for this bad ass shit birthday topic, dooder! :J I rarely never get one this awesome!
  6. Oh, well, don't be shy! The forums aren't that bad, I think.

  7. You aren't Nienna, are you? I always see you online but you never post!

  8. Mirby, I don't think one has been made on Undernet yet. Why don't you make one there for us?
  9. freenode has these features and much more as I've laid out in my post.
  10. Plenty of people are hanging out on non-ETG #OCReMixes right now.
  11. Yeah, but you have your nick now since they have an awesome/friendly staff.
  12. Vimk, Xerol and I and a few others put together a list of issues with ETG and reasons why freenode is preferable to any alternatives. Problems with ETG Connection limit of 3, combined with connectivity issues and massively delayed ping timeouts (10-15 minutes). Inconsistent administrative support Frequent netsplits Lack of NickServ Limited ChanServ usage. Operators cannot manipulate auto ops or voices easily. Ridiculous blacklists of IP ranges Blocks most mobile connections, Mibbit Lack of spam detection/blocking G-lines run off an automated 3-strikes rule system which yie
  13. Another cool thing about freenode is it offers "project cloaks" so you can assign a hostname of like @OCReMix/ReMixer to a group of people. This means that any OCReMix staff or mixers would have easy cloaks that work right regardless of grouping.
  14. I think the problem with ETG is it seems to be designed for use for clan organization or gaming and not really communities where people actually want to chat. So it's highly unlikely they'd change their rules since they probably already suit those needs well enough.
  15. EsperNet: [13:00:53] -NickServ- bluefox is John Moser - [13:00:53] -NickServ- Last seen time: Nov 23 14:47:51 2010 PST - [13:00:53] -NickServ- Time registered: Jan 07 17:59:16 2007 PST - [13:00:53] -NickServ- Last quit message: Ping timeout: 180 seconds - [13:00:53] -NickServ- Options: Security
  16. I really must reiterate my freenode recommendation. The servers hardly ever go down and their ircd basically enables you to have as many connections as possible. Their custom version of services is very modern and very sane and I really much prefer it to other networks' services. At the very least, I urge you to consider the network atmosphere and services etc. before you make a move. Don't just rely on popular vote as most people seem to be echoing EsperNet just because it was proposed first and probably haven't really used a variety of networks.
  17. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with discussing WIP progress in this topic. If anything, having more posts here would help create a façade of consistent, fast-paced development which will encourage more mixers to take part in the project.
  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crunkcore
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