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  1. Wow!

    At first I nearly turned it off. My ears told me it was loud and garbled and didn't make any sense. But like a good exotic cheese, if you just hang in there, all at once, it hits you. It's actually fantastic. The warbling effect of the kettle drum, and the submerging feeling of the source really makes a fitting setting for the piece as a whole. There's a sense of desparation, and fate to it. I really quite love it! Well done.

    The source is not much to work with, obviously, it's mild, and short, and not incredibly technical; but it has been done. I did grip my chair a bit as I listened, only due to the volume of the piece as a whole. It's very loud, which contributes to the initial reaction. It doesn't evolve much. I like what you did with it, but I wanted to hear it grow and have a life of it's own away from it's roots. The original areas were nice but the second time around, once again, I was hoping for something to evolve, change it up a bit. Really, as far as technique goes, I think it's unique, oddly unsettling, strangely fun. As a WIP I believe it has potential and want to hear it again after some revision. You have my attention.

  2. love it will. i usually start listening before i start reading, and i looked up quick at the beginning. I thought, wait...this is different. but not once did i think that it wasn't will at his best, with a fresh sound but true to his unique style. Will has a sound you either love or you hate. one of my ipod playlists is dedicated to the music of WillRock, and this will make a fine addition. Good work, well done. Can we look forward to another homage again, soon...you know, the Rolling Stone just played a 50 year anniversary gig ;-)

  3. I applaud anyone with the nads to remix the Prime trilogy, it's very tough. The soundtrack was already perfectly suited and the music so ambient that changing anything seems to detract from the original form, so when I see it accomplished I smile very stupidly, and you should too...wait...you know what I mean. It's good, very good. And the guitar works, it's what you wanted, it worked. Kudos.

    BTW, is it supposed to stop so abruptly? If it is, SWEET! If not, DONT keep working on it!

  4. did anyone else think "james bond" when they heard this?

    I think it's very...dampened/flat/muffled. I love the fell of it, it's a little dark. It's hard to say that it needs work, it obviously needs some touching up, but the source material is very difficult. The original was very well done and well suited, design to make the player feel the zone's intent. Metroid has always been good at that. So you're doing a really great job with nothing short of stubborn source material. I think it just needs some sharper definition. I kinda feel like i'm pressing my ear up against my neighbor's wall to listen to it.

    OK...Nvm...just listened to the new version, which is posted ironically just above mine. Just disregard everything after the james bond statement with the exception of the word "it(s)"

  5. just stamp it with the willrock guarantee: guaranteed to be on your ipod without previewing first. Epic as usual, my friend.

    Not my favorite of all of wr's work. Still replaying Showdown in a loop on most car trips. But it's still textbook Willrock style, bending source material around his little finger and saying "well these sound good together. and throwing two games in a blender with a dash of synth and sauce for a well rounded sound that delights me everytime. I think it's time to package the man's mixes into an OC album of their own (honestly i think there's enough for a 2-disk sp. ed.).

  6. very basic, ok...very repetative, good intro...sound, check...emotion, check...time spent on post, way too much. This is a fantastic source, and you obviously have somethign great in your head. You're just not "getting it onto paper" well, so to speak. I have the same problem sometimes. There are a lot of programs out there to use and FL isn't bad...but it's not the best either. I think you need to spend more time planning on where you are going with this, and more time practicing your technique and less time making elaborate setups for something that can only be described as "a good start".

  7. -twitch twitch- ...damn. we've had another remix of this. in fact, it was roz's :mrgreen:. This is amazing, I want it to make it with all my being. Some finalizing needed obviously, but as far as the song itself...I'd say you don't need to change a thing.

  8. I will have to disagree with a lot of what's been said. I like the high end sound. And I think it has a proportionally sound availability of the source material. You've taken a daring excursion with this piece and I think it will be appreciated. My only concern is the last about 30 seconds. It went off on a tangent, in my opinion, and i would suggest bringing it back in a little. Other than that, I can't see any major issues. I'm assuming there will be another couple versions before you submit, I will keep my eye on this one, I'd like to see what happens.

  9. AT 1 minute i thought this was great. You have real talent.

    At 3 minutes I started getting bored.

    At 3:30 i almost decided to stop listening when i realised the bar wasnt even half way yet.

    At 4 minute i began to ask my wife if I had to keep listening.

    The rest of the song I tuned out and was watching Howl's Moving Castle.

    That about sums up anything I can think about this piece. You are really good, but this is so long and slow, i just can't get through it, im sorry. Not to mention I barely caught the source at all. and I'm playing through CT again, right now.

  10. Leave it to willrock to make something badass.

    Leave it to Rozovian to make it hilarious.

    Leave it to Gario to make sprite squirt out of my nose...ow btw.

    I won't call this bad. It's got a good feel to it. I think its too synthed for something that was orchestrated to begin with. I definitely need to hear more before I can really give it a good spanking. I think you've done better, but it's not bad. I won't suggest anything, cuz frankly, you showed up and blasted us with some really great pieces, all of which made it first try...I expect you already know what you wanna do to make this another masterpiece.

  11. i love the music from DKC. Very groovy tunes for each area and level, very appropriate. they were really just well rounded games, i think a bit ahead of their time. Anyway, great mix. great sound, i like the pallet here, has a good mountainy vibe, and a sense of urgency. key, i think to a mix of this kind. Um, I'll be honest, the beginning is all i recognize. I'm sure it's well syched to the source but to tell you the truth when I played this level last was probably 6 years ago and I was a little too preoccupied with NOT HITTING ANYTHING :banghead: than enjoying the lovely soundtrack.

    But I'm very impressed with this.

    Suggestions: Um, I like the (bells, i think they were)...go crazy with em. It already sounds great but I think if you went nuts with it, add some reverb to it, add notes, shorten some and bang the crap out of it. I thnk the chaos (within the limits of still making music of course) would do this piece a great service.

  12. i love it. sound quality will have to be improved, and a straight piano mix rarely makes it. Um, but you've used a well know and very loved piece by the members here and we're jaded as shit, why not another ice cap mix! No seriously, that wasn't nice of me to say, but we have a lot of ice cap and we never get sick of it, so...I really like this, it shows talent and good form. It will definitely need some reworking, if only for sound quality purposes.

  13. um, perhaps it's been too long since i've played CT, but i can't disern the source from original material. It's great, I like it. But I'm not hearing an OC. Tone it down, add more interpretation of the source, make it longer. I think it takes too long to get going, it think it ends too quickly. I think also if you were to extend it, it would need something added to keep from being repetative.

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