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  1. Hi there! The album is now FULLY RELEASED!! You can listen to the full album or purchase it if you like here on the album site: Here you can see an ad for the album A Legend Through Times It's finally released ooff... it took me two years & a half to create this album, most of the times people dont know the amount of effort and time you put on something you do, but believe me, I lived through the worst period of my life during this process, but I never stopped, I just continued working on the album, until this day. In my mind I would like to keep working on it and improving it for years and years, but it had to have a release date, and I had to tell to my obsesive and perfeccionist side to finally be quiet, if not, I would probably never have released it. Despite of that, Im happy with the result, and if this album for things of life ends succeeding, I will continue it as planned, a full trilogy of albums that tells the legend of the Hero of Time #zelda #alegendthrougtimes #ocarinaoftime #oot #remix #music #legendofzelda #botw #botw2 #linksawakening #nintendoswitch #n64 #nintendo64 #retrogaming #gaming #majorasmask #zeldamusic #windwaker #twilightprincess #skywardsword
  2. Hey guys here is my version of Lost Woods (track 6 on the album), hope you like it!
  3. Here is the full song if you want to listen to it
  4. Hey guys, here you can hear a 1 minute fragment of 'A Day in Hyrule Field', this is the longest song on the album (16:30 mins), hope you like it
  5. If you dont mind I will post a few of the songs I have already uploaded, This time FULL songs, not the promo video Gohma Market -Child Era- Goron City For more songs go to the album page!
  6. Hi there :)! I'm making a trilogy of albums -one per year- inspired by ocarina of time, the first of which will be released on october the 21th, but im having lots of troubles finding diffusion so the existence of this project is known by more people. Here is a video promo of the album: Please check my album :)! Here you can pre-order it if you like it And here is my instagram account, a place where I post regularly new fragments of the album and videos of the progress: If you like what Im creating please support me giving me a pre-order on bandcamp or/and sharing this with your friends, I would be eternally grateful since I have had put an enormoussss amount of time on this! (and please dont just like this post, if you dont pre-order please at least share, you would be helping me A LOT)
  7. Hi there!, this song will be part of my upcoming Zelda OoT remix album, hope you enjoy it!
  8. Thank you very much!!! I will also now post my rendition to 'Barinade', which also will be a song on this same ocarina of time album (this will be the 1st time ever I post a full song of the album and not a fragment from instagram), please check it out!
  9. Hi there!, here you can hear a demo for Queen Gohma, from my upcoming Zelda Ocarina of Time remix album, hope you like it
  10. Thank you so much guys! Im currently working on a zelda ocarina of time album, will post soon a bit so you can listen and tell me what do you think ! I loved your comments (at the beginning i didnt think i would receive any comments), certainly i will consider all of that for my next zelda song!!
  11. Hi there! im new here, my name is gerard I made this remix from zelda, it's based mostly on serenade of water from ocarina of time, please tell me what do you think: -Gerard