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  1. Hi there!, this song will be part of my upcoming Zelda OoT remix album, hope you enjoy it!
  2. Thank you very much!!! I will also now post my rendition to 'Barinade', which also will be a song on this same ocarina of time album (this will be the 1st time ever I post a full song of the album and not a fragment from instagram), please check it out!
  3. Hi there!, here you can hear a demo for Queen Gohma, from my upcoming Zelda Ocarina of Time remix album, hope you like it
  4. Thank you so much guys! Im currently working on a zelda ocarina of time album, will post soon a bit so you can listen and tell me what do you think ! I loved your comments (at the beginning i didnt think i would receive any comments), certainly i will consider all of that for my next zelda song!!
  5. Hi there! im new here, my name is gerard I made this remix from zelda, it's based mostly on serenade of water from ocarina of time, please tell me what do you think: -Gerard