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  1. Whoops, thought I had more time...yeah, I'm out this month >< my original idea didn't pan out and I'm kind of out of inspiration... :/ *cries*
  2. Thanks you guys! *boogies* I'm thinking of using a new program for this one...anyone else heard of Paint Tool Sai? I'm told it's pretty cool.
  3. Wooo Chi likey this concept~! (Of course.) I gotta try and get out an entry! And yeah...sorry I haven't been around. Or like, participating. *headdesk* I've been busy with this other art contest on deviantART... In my defense though, there's a prize of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. And I got announced now as a semi-finalist. >_> Am I allowed to pimp that to you guys here? If not, um, kick me in the shins. It's the Design Battle 2010 on dA, to choose new t-shirt designs... I'm a contendaaa~ if you're so inspired, please vote for me by +fav and commenting. :3 The link: http://deviantwear.deviantart.com/art/Semi-Finalist-quot-dLICIOUS-quot-159715366 ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS YOU GUYS. *pelted with fruit into oblivion* Right, FAC, I'm gonna go come up with an idea now.
  4. This x1000! Honestly, to me the most important thing about any character is whether they are well-developed and interesting. If they're a little sexualized, but the focus is on the character's personality and goals, I don't mind at all. The great thing about Aya from Parasite Eve is that the whole story is her story; it's not about her appearance or her being some dude's love interest. She pretty much saves the world by being a good cop. She's pretty but practically dressed (at least in the first one) and I really appreciated that. Even in PE2 (with its shower scene) she's still a strong character with a lot of development and personal motivation, and that's what makes her so appealing to me. In a game where there's not much character development, I like the females to be at least as powerful as the males :/ Kinda tired of the healer woman stereotype. Yeah, Lady from DMC3 wasn't as tough as Dante, but she was still a badass, and I liked her. X3 That game's totally ridiculous anyway (but fun as hell.) As a female, I don't think game developers really have any clue what makes a game appeal to us as a gender (if there even is single thing that could do so.)
  5. I strongly recommend Anamu & Maki! I'm not honestly sure if you'd call them just "pop" though. Almost kind of folk? ...After much searching as I type this post, I can't find tracks from the album I was going to recommend anywhere online and apparently the album itself is out of print Fail. The one song by them on Youtube isn't very representative. But! if you feel like a hunt, here's the album info. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SPPCL-1003
  6. That's been my problem too >< One word: Robots. TIME CONSUMIIING
  7. I had this really sweet idea that I don't know if I'll be able to execute in any way >_>; I've spent all month on another contest, eheheh. >_> in my defense that contest has actual prizes
  8. XD I think I sprained something laughing. Possibly my coccyx. Good job everyone!
  9. All right! *high five* Finally, someone who appreciates this game. Fortunately, I had the ability to brake, but I played the SNES port, which is kinda broken, so... Also, apparently ZAMN is available as a Wii Virtual Console game? Why was I not informed!?
  10. YES I loved that game. Surreal and beautiful. It was also hard. I submit the side-scrolling space shooter/RPG Sigma Star Saga for GBA. It had some flaws, but a compelling story and I thought it was a really novel idea. Also, the isometric puzzler Spindizzy Worlds (Amiga/SNES) was really hopelessly addicting, but hardly anyone seems to have played it.
  11. You can do it! Eventually it barely makes you dizzy at all. The best I've been able to do so far is 93 lines (but I usually fail out around stage 6.) After a while, though, it seems like it's moving too fast to possibly keep up. Yet, I can't stop playing :/
  12. When I saw this thread this one sprang to mind... Aggrotech band God Module covered The Cure's "A Night Like This." Cover: Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMPtecavPVM ...Yeah. xD
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