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  1. From about 2:16 to 2:40, I was drooling on myself. That part caught me the most -- truly a great part in the ReMix. Furthermore, I believe the "muddy" issue actually adds to the ReMix at points, giving it the effect that Morning Star described -- not a bad thing at all. Even if unintentional, it works well enough. I agree with the fair sir Orkybash when he says, "Cool, Terranigma!" Yes, indeed! Points to be awarded for good game choices... a severely under-ReMixed game, if I do say so. (Along with Lagoon.) In short: sweet, smooth coverage where it was sorely needed. Submit more good stuff as it comes to you, if you would do us the favor. Arbitrarily-scaled score: 7.3629/8.
  2. Some instruments just fit with a game like peanut butter fits with jelly... grape jelly is my personal favorite. Continuing with the bad analogy, I find that any mix involving Soul Blazer and a harpsichord is bound for great things. The very specific effect -- its 'antiquing' nature -- makes me drool. In short, I like peanut butter and harpsichords. As well as grape jelly and Soul Blazer. And this mix.
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