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  1. As a (Past) concert oboe-ist I love this kinda stuff. Russel's rendition of the Guardian Legend Theme was the first to get me hooked. This is such a nicely done piece that really gets to the heart of the original. By chance what hardware (synth or otherwise) do you use? There are a couple of songs I'm itchin to remix in this same fashion but my current tally is: Remix equip= computer.
  2. well, since I don't have the time to go through 104 pages of this I hope this hasn't been mentioned yet. I think it's pretty obscure though. Those three damn mages in Valkyrie profile in the ruined city(of course that damn Barbarossa was hard too since you had to fight him twice without a chance to heal). I remember I was on a high enough level with enough skills to last for awhile but it took several hours of hp chipping to kill the bastards. Even with the ultra magics you get with those staffs.