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  1. thanks guys! I'm not really looking for remixes, rather real jazz artists whos work sounds similar in style and tempo to the songs I mentioned.
  2. hey guys, I'm a huge fan of the Simcity 3000 OST, especially the upbeat jazzy tracks like Central Park Sunday, Updown Town and South Bridge. I love the jazz double bass, trumpet and piano work in these songs. Does anyone know of any artists that have similar sounds to these songs? If you don't know what I'm talking about, EA has the entire soundtrack available for download on their website. Hoping for other Jazz-fans out there to know! - V-Jolt
  3. Upbeat improv jazz is my bloody favourite. This is, without a doubt my favourite Remix on this site (and I've been here for many years) I've always wanted to learn Bass Guitar too, btw LSD: PLEASE give me more of the same. Perfect song choice, perfect execution I love this damn song.
  4. This remix was so brilliant, I just HAD to email Disco Dan personally and tell him so. He liked my last name, harhar. Anyhow, I always check DD's stuff out, it's always bursting with creative energy. Fantastic mix of a fantastic song.