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  1. This is good. I will give it that, but not much more. The beats were good. The ending was quite weak, and I found a few flaws: 1. "Gotta protect this place; Do it for my race." According to SA1, Knuckles lives alone on the Floating Island. Also, according to SA1, all others of his race were wiped out by Chaos. So, he really is doing it for himself, isn't he? 2. "It's the new porcupine on the block;" AHEM! It says EVERYWHERE in the manual and character select that Knuckles is an ECHIDNA!!! 3. "Magic emerald holder." It woulda worked if he said "Master emerald holder." Since all of the chaos emeralds are also magical. And don't give me this "Knuckles has the chaos emeralds in Triple Trouble/S3/S&K." Because this is supposed to be a mixture of SA1&2, no other games. 4. "All that I see is a storm of gem stones." Jeeze, the artist of this wants to give off the image that Knuckles is greedy for the emeralds. In fact, in both SA1 and SA2, he could care less about the chaos emeralds. He makes him sound like a male version of Rouge! 5. "If I need to fight; anybody for whatever; I clench my fists tight; and we can go hedda(sic)" Hmmm, Knuckles really doesn't seem to fight Dr. Eggman whenever Eggman tells him Sonic did something, however, I can see where this can be argued. 6."My philiosophy is my knuckles; my feet kick like Chun Lee." Wow! Where in the world did that come from? Knuckles may kick, but I would say his power is in his upper body. And I tend to see that most of these rhymes are just thrown in there because it sorta makes sence. I am hearing him go from topic to topic very rapidly, and it hurts to follow. 6. "[something] but not from G E N N E; S I S [uh...not sure about this next part] cause there ain't no shavin my G A M E; Peace to the 32X and the click called Chaotix;" OKAY!?!?! What is this crap? How many games and credits are we mentioning here? Yeesh. Overall, a 3/5. At least it is the BEST rap I have ever heard, and was a plesent melody to listen to, regardless if you concentrated on what he was saying or not. The transitions between descriptions was smooth, but irratic. This is my oppinion, have a super SONIC day, Biggestsonicfan
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