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  1. Hello everyone,I'm Tuba Lin. I'm sorry about my English isn't well. I come from Taiwan.I'm glad I can share my remix here. I use flute patch a lot because it is good enough for use in the music as a single solo instrument patch. There are other solo instruments patch in 8850, but they are suck.They can be used in some situation with other patch,but not for a single solo part. My sound card is Sound Blaster Live Value 5.1. I use cakewalk 9.0 to compose and Sound Forge 5.0 to record. How can I prove recording quality? I know gigasampler is a good software for use,but I bought my computer several years ago,the PIII-500 cpu isn't fast enough for gigasampler. I only played FF9 for about 20 hours,and You're Not Alone track stay in my heart until now. One day while I was riding home,an idea came to me.This is 00:24 to 00:47.Then I found I also need a prelude,and its came to me while waiting the trffic light. I began to work after I arrived home.I have done most part from 00:00 to 00:47. Playing game is great fun,so is remix/compose music,but playing game is easy and relax,and remix/compose makes me feel good but very tired.I have to think about many things about hamorny,balance,tempo and so on. These things made me left the remix for about 1 or 2 years. Its is easier to put a disc in my PS2 instead of opening cakewake. One day while I was listening the OC remixes I suddenly realize that I should arrange something for submission to OCR,so I continued the remix. I was thinking about a big change after 2:07,but things went different while I was making this part.Another idea came in so it became to this kind of music that you hearing now. I have heared a music called "Lonly Shepherd" in both Nana's album and Kill Bill OST.Its a great piece about "lonely" and "sacrifice". Hero in legend or fantasy story usually need to save someone or a country,sometimes even whole world,so I think hero is a kind of shepherd.But our hero won't be alone,that is why I named it with "Shepherd Won't Alone". I learned a lot of skill while making this remix. This is a great experience.
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