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  1. Excite truck is the shit...It has the same feeling of replayability as Smash Brothers does for me. No one race is ever the same and you can always find a way to pick up more points. It's simple, but very versatile at the same time and my god is it fast.

    Realism for the LOSE.

  2. Agreed 100%. I'm so sick of people politiziing gaming. No company, so far, has played any dirtier than the other, and if they did, who cares? That how a business works. They are all out for profit in the end. All I care about is how the games are. If Sony DID start using slave labor or whatever, I MIGHT start to reconsider my purchase, but that's not the case. They just have a hardline business strategy that seems to be working.

    Not really.


  3. I'm concerned enough about whether the Wii's going to have enough original games to justify a purchase.

    And I suppose the Xbox 360 had original titles that justified a purchase? Come now, if ANYONE is going to have original titles to warrant a purchase it's going to be the Wii this generation.

    Again, I really wonder if the shortage of PS3s is deliberate.

    If it was deliberate then they would have released a shortage of consoles this past spring. They wouldn't have cited a manufacturing problem either (the blue diodes).

    Everybody will buy a Wii, and it'll be real cool for like 2-3 weesk, but after that people will be missing the regular controller.

    People will be missing the regular controller huh? All those mom's and dad's and casual gamers who just love the classic controller?

  4. I got a preorder, and already paid it off. I was 2nd in line, the store said they would get at least 8 units, and even with the Gamestop employee benefit of getting 4 preorders, that would still get me a console.

  5. This mix isn't fun or lighthearted. It is racially insensitive and frankly, fairly offending, to me, personally. I have close friends who own Asian restaurants, and they don't like it when people come in asking if it's a "Pharmacy." I know this isn't portrayed in the song, but the sterotype of asian's owning a pharmacy is just plain wrong. Dale, grow up. Mustin, and DJP, I think you two have some bigger problems to discuss...No, NOT the music, how about the racially motivated subliminal messages embedded in this song?

    Jeez guys....Have some class.

  6. There are only two or three mixes that I DON'T like that the pretz has made, and thats probably because I didn't like the original. My point is that the last like, 5 or so he has put out, I have consistently LOVED. This mix is quirky, and fun, a bit thin at times, but its totally solid like a flippin out NINJA. I'd love to see a collaboration on a song involving Malcos, Jivemaster, and DJP, because they all seem to be pretty 1337 at this style.

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