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    Nintendo Wii

    Excite truck is the shit...It has the same feeling of replayability as Smash Brothers does for me. No one race is ever the same and you can always find a way to pick up more points. It's simple, but very versatile at the same time and my god is it fast. Realism for the LOSE.
  2. Woffester

    Nintendo Wii

    The only problem I've had with my Wii is after I did the initial firmware update, sometimes I get a disc read error when I play Wii sports. Otherwise it's been pretty flawless.
  3. Woffester

    Sony PS3

    Not really. http://www.forbes.com/home/feeds/ap/2006/10/26/ap3121430.html
  4. Woffester

    Sony PS3

    And I suppose the Xbox 360 had original titles that justified a purchase? Come now, if ANYONE is going to have original titles to warrant a purchase it's going to be the Wii this generation. If it was deliberate then they would have released a shortage of consoles this past spring. They wouldn't have cited a manufacturing problem either (the blue diodes). People will be missing the regular controller huh? All those mom's and dad's and casual gamers who just love the classic controller?
  5. Woffester

    Sony PS3

    I got a preorder, and already paid it off. I was 2nd in line, the store said they would get at least 8 units, and even with the Gamestop employee benefit of getting 4 preorders, that would still get me a console.
  6. Ughh, you are such an arogant piece man...You're just jealous of his orchestral remixing skills.
  7. This is the best remix OC has had in a LOOONG time...Leave it to analoq to do it...Good work.
  8. I don't know why I didn't post a reply when this first came out. It is, indeed, very pretty and the title is very fitting. Excellent mixage.
  9. This mix isn't fun or lighthearted. It is racially insensitive and frankly, fairly offending, to me, personally. I have close friends who own Asian restaurants, and they don't like it when people come in asking if it's a "Pharmacy." I know this isn't portrayed in the song, but the sterotype of asian's owning a pharmacy is just plain wrong. Dale, grow up. Mustin, and DJP, I think you two have some bigger problems to discuss...No, NOT the music, how about the racially motivated subliminal messages embedded in this song? Jeez guys....Have some class.
  10. Why didn't I say anything when this thing first came up? This is, as Mustin said, a very good arrangement, and I'll leave it at that! The guitar has a...fakeness.. to it, but I like it! I would like an alternate version with a better guitar, just so I could decide which I liked better.... Or listen to both! Keep it up!
  11. Hmmmm....I'd have to say the hardest boss for me would be...Ummmm, Probably the master hand in SSMBM on very hard.
  12. I liked the music, when maze IMed me about it I was like, why don't people like it? I loved the music! Good job mazey
  13. Holy shit this is fucking amazing. Totally movie-worthy. I'll let you guys know if I use it. MORE LIKE THIS - PLEASE!
  14. Does this start out sounding like the cops theme to anyone besides me?
  15. Not the most articulate of mixes, however, worth the download, and defintely worth putting on your next mix CD.
  17. Amazingly, the only thing I don't like is the lead synth, but not to an unbearable degree. This song is indeed very AE like, but also shows some creative qualities that might distinguish it from AE. MORE! Btw, the string intro kicked my ASS!
  18. There are only two or three mixes that I DON'T like that the pretz has made, and thats probably because I didn't like the original. My point is that the last like, 5 or so he has put out, I have consistently LOVED. This mix is quirky, and fun, a bit thin at times, but its totally solid like a flippin out NINJA. I'd love to see a collaboration on a song involving Malcos, Jivemaster, and DJP, because they all seem to be pretty 1337 at this style.
  19. I think orky said it best when he said it captured the essence of the game most perfectly, the only change or rather, subsitution I would make is replacing the word essence with the word spirit. The sounds used are just, addictive. My favorite part is probably between 2:53 and 3:49...The synth organ is great.... MORE!
  20. This rocks. I _LOVE_ the trombone. Its so quirky!
  21. It is a good mix, no question about that, however, I would have liked to have less...Less EVERYTHING so that I could hear the main melody a wee bit better.
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