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  1. I tried some optomization guide, but it didn't quite work out. Now, I DID find an odd solution by accident. It seems when it's on the CPU fritz, all I have to do is tap a note on a random insturment and it just falls right back down to around 10% instantly, and stays there for a while. I wish I could stop the CPU from climbing, but at least this is far easier than turning the entire program off and on again.
  2. Odd... I can't seem to open the help file. Actually, it doesn't seem to be there. I guess I'll have to look for it online. I have a Soundblaster Audigy, a 2.0 Pentium 4, and 512MB of RAM, and Windows XP. I don't really have anything running in the background, though I guess I could go into Task Manager and try to cut the chaff.
  3. I'm using FL Studio 4.1 Producer Edition, and I'm having some trouble. It seems that, while I'm working on things, the program just likes to suddenly start chewing up my CPU resources. It has nothing to do with what I'm doing at the time. I could just open FL Studio up with no particular project and let it sit there and do nothing, and without fail in a few minutes it'll be tearing up the CPU. What's weird is that it isn't some gradual thing over that time period. Instead, it's quite fine for that whole time, only using under 10% inactively, and maybe between 10 and 20% when I'm actually doing
  4. Hm... well, I DO have a Pentium 4. It's a 2.0. I guess I could check into that Denormal problem. It only happens with FL though, and I don't know if this Denormal thing is supposed to happen all the time, or just with FL. As for my sound card and drivers etc, I have a SBAudigy. So... yeah.
  5. Hey, I'm having an odd problem with Fruity Loops Studio. Every so often when I'm working on something, the CPU usage suddenly flys through the roof and makes everything go batty. I have to wait for it to "calm" back down to around 10 before I can really continue to do anything. It's rather obnoxious as it does this QUITE often. Anybody have an idea on how to fix this?
  6. Anyone know where I can get a realistic-sounding music box insturment?
  7. Good lord, these soundfonts/samples sound absolutly real! Where else could I get soundfonts of quality equal to this Papelmedia stuff? ... okay, let me be more specific. Where can I get soundfonts of quality equal to the Papelmedia stuff, as in REAL insturments and choires and so-forth. No synthesized, techno stuff. I'm not gonna rest until I have the whole damn orchestra...
  8. Okay, another problem. On the soundfonts I have, the "piano" insturments don't seem to work correctly in a Fruity Soundfont Player channel. If you look on that keyboard they put at the bottom of the channel settings, all of the keys from the first black one right after the C4 mark to the first white one after the C7 mark don't make any sound at all! What's going on? In just a regular MIDI Out channel, those notes work just fine. Argh... so confused... Okay, check that, it's only in a few Squaresoft soundfonts I have. It'd still be nice if someone knew how to fix it, though.
  9. Fruity Soundfont Player? Ah, well, you just answered a question without realizing it. I didn't even notice that thing...
  10. Okay... what? I've read that over about 10 times and I still don't understand it one bit. A bit more explaination would be nice.
  11. Heya. Yes, I'm brandy-new to the whole computer music thing. I've no skill with a synth keyboard, so I'm just sticking to the piano roll in Fruityloops 3. Anyhoo... I just FINALLY got a sound card that supports soundfonts, which is what I was waiting for. Now, I'm not going to ask some dumb question like "how do you set up soundfonts" or something. I figured that out. It's just that in Fruityloops... I set up a "MIDI out" channel, and it works fine. I can set it to different insurments and they play. But... I can't seem to get the effects to change no matter what I mess with. Namely, I want to
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